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Jay Chou's concert for his children is really a pet baby daddy

According to Taiwan media reports, Jay Chou (Jay Chou) performed four consecutive performances at the first stop of the new 20th Anniversary Tour "Carnival" in Shanghai, ending with "thank you for your 20 years of perseverance. Shall we continue for the next 20 years?" And "wait for you to finish class", which ended smoothly on the 20th under the tears of fans. Mr. Zhou and his children also came to enjoy his father's performance. His son Romeo shook his head happily and beat time with the rhythm, which was even more lovely.

However, the considerate director Zhou thought that when the children entered the auditorium, he had missed several songs, even the opening song and dance show and the favorite clown. Therefore, during the rehearsal in the afternoon, he specially held a 'concert' for the children. Early in the morning, he asked all the staff to make up their hair. He saw two small figures standing in the middle of the audience and saw his father come out, Also excited to wave the fluorescent stick in his hand, the picture is lovely and warm.

In this concert, Mr. Zhou was also diligent in helping his wife Kunling promote the film sky fire, which made Kunling happy and said, 'thank you BB!' It also makes the outside world wonder how Zhou Dong usually calls his wife. He rarely puts down his burden and reveals that they are all called Kunling: 'North nose'.