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Shirley's house investigation ended, and Shirley's painful words were exposed

Police found a notepad written by singer and actress Cui Xueli with "pain" at home, MBC reported on the 15th.

On the 15th, the police said: no suicide note was found at the scene, and no trace of external invasion was found. But now we are confirming Shirley's diary recording her usual mood. It is reported that the last page of Shirley's diary says' pain '.

According to the investigation, an autopsy is under consideration. The police explained: 'although no other criminal suspects have been found, an autopsy may also be necessary to find out the cause of death.'

Shirley's funeral was closed from beginning to end. There is no plan to prepare a place of condolence for fans. This is the first time that the entertainment industry has officially stated that it will not disclose all funeral related procedures such as the deceased's photos, which reflects the wishes of the deceased's families to hold the funeral quietly. The funeral will be carried out quietly in the mourning of the deceased's family and friends.