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Who is ge you? What are the actors in Ge You's representative works? A brief introduction to ge you'

Ge you is a very excellent actor. He has excellent acting skills and humorous personality. He has many excellent film and television works. Let's introduce Ge You's personal data and representative works:

Ge you, a famous Chinese film and television actor. Born in Beijing in 1957. Influenced by his father Ge Cunzhuang, he loved literature and art since childhood. Ge you can be called one of the best actors in China today, and has won the best actor of the popular film Hundred Flowers Award three times; In 1993, he starred in "Da SA Ba" and won the best actor of the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award; In 1994, he starred in the film "alive" directed by Zhang Yimou and won the best actor of the 47th Cannes International Film Festival. He is the first Chinese actor to win this honor; He has won the most popular actor award of Beijing University Film Festival for many times with films such as "Party A and Party B", "big name" and "Zhao's orphan". At the end of 2011, Emperor Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. was signed with three films in five years.

Major achievements

1. Best actor of Cannes International Film Festival

2. China Film Huabiao Award for best actor

3. China Golden Rooster Award for best actor

4. Best actor of the 21st popular film Hundred Flowers Award

5. The 25th popular film Hundred Flowers Award for best actor

6. The 27th popular film Hundred Flowers Award for best actor

7. Best actor of Beijing University Film Festival

8. Chinese Film Media Award for best actor

9. Best supporting actor of popular film Hundred Flowers Award

[main works]

"Good luck" (2008) Co actors: Wu Junmei, Li Xiaolu, Xiao Song Jia, Mei Ting, Geng Le, Yuan Qiu and Fan Bingbing

If you are the one (2008) acted as Qin Fen's co actors: Fan Wei, Feng Yuanzheng, he Jiayi, Shu Qi, Xu Ruoxin, Fang Zhongxin, Hu Ke, Che Xiao, Wu Yichong, he Jiayi, Luo Haiqiong and Li Lin

Destiny call transfer (2007) plays three children's co actors: Liu Yiwei, Yang Lixin, Xu Zheng, Xu Fan, Fan Bingbing, Wang Xuebing, Che Yongli, ge you, Yan Ni, Mao Junjie, sun Zhou, Qiu Xinzhi, Kong Wei, Yao Chen, Yi Nengjing, Bai Bing, Liu Hanya and Jinsha

"Banquet" (2006) as Emperor Li's co actors: Zhang Ziyi, Wu Yanzu, Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming

Suffocation (2005) as Shen Xiao

"No thief in the world" (2004) acted as Uncle Li's co actors: Andy Lau, Liu Ruoying, Wang Baoqiang, Fan Bingbing, Lin Jiadong, Fan Wei and Feng Yuanzheng

Kara is a dog (2003) as the second child

Mobile phone (2003) as Yan Shouyi

"Big name" (2001) you you

Endless (1999) as Han Dong

See you and see you (1998) as Liu Yuan

Half life (1997) as Zhu Hongcai

Party A and Party B (1997) act as Yao yuan

"Have something to say" (1997)

"Ode to Qin" (1996) is decorated by Gao Jianli

Living (1994) as Fugui

"Born timid" (1994) director of decoration management

The lost woman (1993) as a lone man

Farewell my concubine (film) (1993) as Yuan Siye

Last pawn (1992)

Besieged city (1992) as Li Meiting

After the Showdown (1992)

Divorce War (1992) as Daming

Da SA BA (1992) decorated Gu Yan

Chinese New Year (1991)

Comedy star (1991) as Mr. Ge

King Kong of fire (1991)

Trendy girl (1991)

Story of the editorial department (1991) as Li Dongbao

Road rider (1990)

Yellow River Ballad (1989)

Code name leopard (1989) as Zheng Xianping

"Villain" (1988) as Yang Zhong

Sheng Xia and her fiance (1985) as Wei Xuejin

[award winning works]

In 1998, the best actor award of the 21st popular film Hundred Flowers Award (Party A and Party B)

In 1994, the 47th Cannes Film Festival in France won the title of film Emperor (alive)

In 1993, the best actor award of the 13th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award (DA SA BA)

In 1992, the best actor award of the 10th Golden Eagle Award of mass TV (the story of the editorial department)

In 1992, the best supporting actor award of the 15th popular film Hundred Flowers Award (Chinese New Year)

Star path process


Ge You's growth path was not smooth. After graduating from middle school, he came to the suburbs of Beijing to jump the queue to raise pigs. At the age of 25, he joined the literary troupe of the all China Federation of trade unions and became a drama actor. In 1984, he accidentally played a small role in midsummer and his fiancee and began his film career.

What really made ge you famous was the film "the devil" adapted from Wang Shuo's novel of the same name in 1988. His appearance and performance style were in line with the characteristics of humorous little people written by Wang Shuo. Therefore, he was nominated for the best actor award of the Golden Rooster Award for the first time.

In 1992, the TV series light comedy "the story of the editorial department" launched by Beijing TV station made ge you a famous star. In the following 10 years, ge you played more than 20 different screen images. The most successful of these is the film "alive", directed by Zhang Yimou and adapted from Yu Hua's novel of the same name in 1993. In the film, ge you played 'Fugui' from youth to old age, vividly displayed a little person who tasted the ups and downs of the world in front of the audience, and gave full play to his acting skills. Therefore, he won the title of best actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994.

In addition, in "King Kong of fire" (directed by he Qun, 1991), the puppet team leader he played was quite human and backbone, and jumped out of the constraints of the traditional negative role. Then, he played the lecherous, trivial and hypocritical brother-in-law in Huang Jianzhong's Chinese new year, and won the best supporting actor award of the Hundred Flowers Award. In the 1993 film farewell my concubine directed by Chen Kaige, Ge You's' fourth master Yuan 'who loves Beijing Opera is also a seemingly unimportant but actually very wonderful character.

Ge you basically belongs to the ugly star in terms of appearance, but he can break through the traditional performance routine and dig out the human side of the little people to make them closer to real life. Ge you has won the favor of many audiences with his bald image and lukewarm humor style. Since 1997, he began to cooperate with director Feng Xiaogang and became his first choice male number one. He has made many new year films together, becoming the biggest winner in China's New Year film market.

Ge Cunzhuang, Ge You's father, is an older generation of film actors. He has played a large number of screen characters since the 1950s, most of which are villains. His main works include Zhang GA, the little soldier, the red flag manual, the Qing artillery team and so on. He also had a great influence on the improvement of Ge You's performance level.

In addition, Ge You's mother Shi Wenxin is the script editor of Beijing Film Studio, his wife he Cong is the art teacher of Fuwai No. 2 primary school, and his sister Ge Jia is also the editor of Beiying pictorial. Ge You's family is a movie family.