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The woman pulled out her hair and put it in the bowl! A woman pulled out her hair and put it in a bo

Original title: save 20 yuan? Women eat overlord meal, pull out their hair and put it in a bowl

Master Chen and his wife have opened a noodle shop for more than ten years and have encountered many wonderful things. But a guest recently opened the eyes of the couple. Master Chen said that the guest didn't give money after eating noodles, but she couldn't say she was' penniless'. After all, before they left, they really pulled out one of their hair.

At more than 2:00 p.m. on the day of the incident, a fashionable young girl walked into master Chen's shop and asked for a bowl of beef noodles. But at the end of the meal, the girl didn't mean to pay the bill at all. She suddenly stood up, nagged a few words and went out of the door directly.

Master Chen: 'she said there was hair in this face. This face was like garbage. It was disgusting. I didn't eat it. She turned and left.'

There was a hair in the remaining half of the bowl of noodles. Leaving master Chen and his lover confused. However, master Chen's lover vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Master Chen's wife: 'I think this is a bit ridiculous. Because even if we encounter this kind of situation, customers will not behave like this. If it's a big deal, we have to say a few words and won't leave directly. "

The couple then picked up the surveillance video in the store and found the scene at the beginning of the news. It was clearly photographed in the monitoring. When people didn't pay attention, the girl forcibly pulled out the hair from her head and stuffed it into a bowl.

Master Chen: 'first wrap your hair around your fingers, hold it in your right hand, put it in a bowl, and then press it down with chopsticks. Then she got angry, stood up directly, said there was hair in the bowl, so disgusting and had no appetite, and left immediately. "

After pulling out my hair for so long, is it for this overlord meal? Master Chen and his wife felt both angry and funny. Master Chen said that this bowl of beef noodles is only about 20 yuan. The girl doesn't need to make such a small move even if she encounters any difficulties.

Master Chen: 'you really have some difficulties. Tell the boss directly. We can understand. I don't think you should use this method.'