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Can you make steamed bread with wangzi milk? The practice of homemade wangzi milk steamed bread

There is a new variety of wangzi small steamed bread, wangzi big steamed bread. Can you make wangzi milk steamed bread at home? Let's take a look at this practice: the reason why this steamed bread is called wangzi big steamed bread is that it uses wangzi milk and noodles. The steamed bread has the taste of wangzi milk. It's sweet and delicious & hellip& hellip;

Practice of Wangzai steamed bread

1. Pour a box of wangzi milk into the bucket of the toaster, add white sugar, add flour, dig a small hole in the flour, bury the yeast, start the dough mixing procedure, mix it into smooth dough and ferment

2 after the dough is fermented to twice the size, place the fermented dough on the chopping board for exhaust

3 rub the dough into strips

4. Divide into almost small flour agents and round them. I also left two larger flour preparations for baking steamed bread

5. Drain the steamer, grease the steam grate, and put the raw embryo of steamed bread on it to wake up for half an hour

6 the two dough left just now are rolled out in a long tongue shape and sprinkled with condensed milk

7 roll it up and put it in the barrel of the toaster for secondary fermentation

8 brush a layer of egg liquid on the fermented dough, bake for 20 minutes, and then brush another layer of egg liquid in the middle

This is a baked steamed bread. Isn't it very attractive? I think it's better than bread.

This is steamed bread. It has the sweetness of wangzi milk. It's delicious

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