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What are the shapes of diamond rings? Shape and meaning of diamond ring

What are the shapes of diamonds? When we buy diamond rings, we can find that there are many kinds of diamond ring shapes, different styles and different meanings, such as horse eye shape, Princess square shape, heart shape, etc. Let's take a look at the moral represented by the shape of diamond rings

Pear shaped diamond

Pear shaped diamond, also known as water drop diamond, is asymmetric at the upper and lower ends, with a circular end and a tip. Pear shaped diamonds are not common in China, but are more popular abroad. Many foreign celebrities use pear shaped diamonds as engagement rings. The elegant shape of pear shaped diamond has a natural spirit and movement. It looks very harmonious as a diamond ring, earrings, pendants, etc.

Moral: it is said that pear shaped diamonds are the tears of Cupid, the God of love. Anyone who can get her will be blessed by God. In addition, the meaning of pear shaped diamond also symbolizes tenderness and tenacity.

Round diamond

The round bright cut diamond is the most popular today. This diamond shape calculates the face angle and the proportion of each part according to the modern optical principle, which can reflect the light to the greatest extent and make the diamond show unparalleled dazzling fire color. It can be said that round diamond is the most classic diamond shape.

Moral: Round Diamond implies traditional virtues such as kindness, elegance and enthusiasm. Most people who like diamonds in this shape are loyal supporters of classical style.

Heart Diamond

Heart shape is the most romantic diamond shape, which gives people a sweet feeling and is the ultimate expression of love. Because it is close to round diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds also have a pavilion close to round, giving off charming colors. This diamond with unique shape has won the love of many young people.

Moral: heart shaped diamond means romance, sweetness and commitment. Most women who wear heart-shaped diamonds have rich imagination, believe in intuition and advocate romance.

Horse eye diamond

Horse eye diamonds, also known as' Olive shaped 'diamonds, are known as' cut Queen' in modern diamond grinders. Thin and narrow cutting lines at both ends condense the light of diamonds. This diamond shape makes the diamond table stretch, which can optimize the carat weight of diamonds and look larger than other diamond shapes from the top. In terms of wearing effect, horse eye diamond ring can make the wearer's fingers look slimmer.

Moral: people who choose olive shaped diamonds are generally bold and outgoing, like home life, strive for things they are interested in, and never give up. They are very energetic.


The oval diamond was invented in the 1970s. It is improved from the traditional round bright cut shape. However, the extension on the round basis makes the oval diamond very personalized and not too deliberately carved. This diamond shape can not only compare with the round shape in terms of brightness, but also highlight the characteristics and shape of the diamond itself.

Moral: Oval diamonds are smooth but maintain a unique demeanor, which means that they have unique taste and do not boast. In western countries, oval diamonds also symbolize eternal vitality.

Princess Diamond

The faceted design of Princess Diamond is the same as that of round diamond, showing a neat, concise and dazzling style. Princess square diamond has crown angle and square shape. Straight edges and symmetrical lines represent the importance of rules. Square diamonds look more rigorous. If you like square diamonds, you are more self-discipline, thoughtful and rational, and full of leadership skills.

Moral: Princess square diamond has four edges and corners, which respectively mean love, love, treasure and love, symbolizing the flame of happiness. Women wear it to create a sense of hardness and softness, and highlight the confident and open-minded bearing of modern women.

Emerald Diamond

Emerald Diamond belongs to stepped cutting. The table top is cut into a step shape parallel to the edge. This diamond shape is usually rectangular. 48 to 50 refractive surfaces form the shape of a stair, which is generally quadrilateral or elongated. It is named because it is commonly used in the processing of gem emerald.

Moral: Emerald shaped diamonds are dignified, elegant and calm. They are deeply loved by women with extraordinary life experience.

Redian diamond

Redian diamond has a rectangular shape and cut corners. This crown angle makes the diamond shine in all directions. It takes into account the high original stone retention rate and easy matching shape of emerald cutting, and also has a bright light like circular cutting. These advantages make it a popular jewelry choice with various uses.

Moral: reddian shaped diamond is close to the shape of emerald, implying the beauty of simplicity. The straight edges and corners symbolize the unyielding attitude towards life.

Pad diamond

Cushion diamond, also known as' pillow cut ', is the predecessor of round bright cut. The table top is smaller, other sections are larger, the diamond waist is thinner, the whole is flat, and the bottom tip is processed into a small section. When you look at the diamond from the table top, you can see an' empty hole 'inside the diamond. Pad shaped diamonds and reddian shaped diamonds are difficult to distinguish in many people's eyes. Among them, the edges and corners of reddian shaped diamonds are straight edges, while the edges and corners of reddian shaped diamonds are round.

Moral: cushion diamond looks softer. Its smooth corners are gentle and friendly. It is suitable for women with mild style.

Triangular diamond

Triangle diamond is rare in the market and is not a popular diamond shape. Triangle diamond looks like an equilateral triangle, and its three sides can also be cut into bow shape to produce a cutting effect similar to circular diamond. Triangular diamonds with better cutting ratio will look very smart.

Moral: the unique and rare triangular diamond is not accepted by most people, so it also means bold, avant-garde and alternative, which is suitable for people with unique personality.