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What are the tiktok songs that are most popular this year? Tiktok ten songs

Tiktok tiktok is a tiktok video software that young people love very much. There are some very nice songs on every time. Do you know what songs are most popular this year? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian

1. Your tavern is closed to me Chen Xuening

"Your tavern is closed to me" is a song written and sung by Chen Xuening. Many people say they are very sad when they love to hear the lyrics of your tavern is closed to me. The plain and light melody is a very durable song, and the content of the lyrics really touches the hearts of many people.

2. I can't guess Ding Dang

Sexy lady, with Zhang Yixing's dance, move. Into the heart is because those who can't go back to the past may wonder what it would be like if they had changed their choice.

3. Peace of mind

Peace of mind is a song sung by ice paper.

However, ice paper, the author of this song, as a member of the brand free out, may inherit a feature of the manager Guangguang, that is, low-key. A few years ago, ice paper was not a rapper. At that time, he used his real name Wei Ran to participate in the voice of China in 2014, and won the second place in the Qi Qin group and the eighth place in the country.

4. Going out of the mountain

The song of flower porridge is tiktok in the sound of the song, many people use it as the video's BGM. The whole song is a little old-fashioned minor. Many people appeared on the camera with Han clothes, which really made several works popular.

5. Green

It is a single song composed by Chen Xuening and composed by singers. The tiktok has also won a good reputation from many people, which has led to the challenge of singing. The gentle girl at the beginning of the song is too ear - catching

6. Under the opening seconds

A song that was brought to fire by the boudoir group.

7. Cross me or not cross her

"Crossing me but not her", sung by a lonely poet, was released on January 18, 2019 and included in the album "crossing me but not her"

In fact, the whole song is to express a meaning of seeking but not needing. A monk who has become a monk and a woman who has not seen through the world of mortals, the monk's concern for his beloved woman is reflected incisively and vividly between the lines.

8. Mercury

Guo Ding, the lyricist of mercury, many people evaluate him as a talented musician. In particular, the chorus of mercury can make people deeply fall in love with it, and there is a feeling of never getting tired of hearing it.

9. Promising young people

Perhaps the biggest reason why the song "young and promising" can be popular is that it has sung the voice of many people. Each lyrics has deeply hit people's sense of helplessness. Listening and listening, it seems to go back to that period of youth, which makes people cry in an instant.

10. Falling

It's very suitable for a person to listen to songs. After the tiktok, all kinds of cover versions are coming out. Both boys and girls are amazing. The melody of the song is just like the title of the song, which makes people feel constantly falling. It's a very good work.