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How to add a national flag in the lower right corner of wechat avatar? How to get wechat national fl

The popular topic "wechat avatar flag" has been brushed on the microblog and wechat circle of friends today. A national flag appears in the lower right corner of the complete wechat avatar, which looks very good. In fact, it can't be realized only through wechat. Users need to log in to the small program of Tencent news assistant to make it, Xiaobian will also put some produced avatar pictures at the bottom, which can be used directly by the relatives you want. Then, how to add them? Next, let's introduce them to you.

How to add a flag to the wechat avatar

1. Enter the official applet of Tencent News Express assistant.

2. Click to enter the page link of "welcome national day and change your face".

3. Click 'log in now' and a preview of the user's Avatar with a five-star red flag in the lower right corner will appear on the new page.

4. Click the left and right arrows to select three avatar decorations. Users can choose the style they want, and click Save to set the wechat National Day avatar.

In addition to the square flag, there are circles, words and so on. You can choose your favorite patterns.