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When will the 2020 NBA season begin and end? Key matches in 2020 nba new season

NBA officials announced the schedule for next season. The first game of the new season will start on October 23 Beijing time, and the two sides are the defending champion Raptor and the pelican of this year's champion Zion. This game is played in Toronto, but due to Leonard's departure, the focus will not be the duel between the two sides, but more on the performance of the first professional game of champion Zion.

The schedule of the new season is also more humanized. There will be fewer back-to-back games. Last season it was 13.3 games and next season it will be reduced to 12.4 games. At the same time, the five-day four games that make players feel tired will not appear next season.

The key matches that attract people's attention next season are as follows:

The first Los Angeles Derby October 23 10:30 Lakers vs clippers

Rockets' debut of the new season at 8:00 on October 25 bucks vs rockets

Warriors' new season debut at 10:30 on October 25 clippers vs Warriors

Christmas War December 26 0:00 Celtics vs Raptors

December 26 2:30 bucks vs 76 people

At 5:00 on December 26, rocket vs Warrior

At 8:00 on December 26, clippers vs Lakers

At 10:30 on December 26, Pelican vs Nuggets