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Amputation fairies are popular all over the world, but amputation of both legs makes history with la

Amputee fairies are popular all over the world. Smile and face life. Life is like this. If you smile at him, he will smile at you. Face life positively and optimistically. Life will give you unexpected surprises. Recently, a 9-year-old girl shines brightly at New York Fashion Week, attracting global attention. This sweet looking fairy named Daisy, from England. Looking like an ordinary girl, she surprised people when she stepped on the T-stage, because she has a special pair of 'legs'. Yes, Little Daisy, who is only 9 years old, is a legless girl. She suffers from congenital fibular hemilimb deformity.

At the age of one and a half, the doctor amputated daisy.

After witnessing her daughter's amputation, Daisy's father was strongly stimulated:

"This last painful decision brought me great sadness. I began to paralyze myself by drinking and gambling and divert my deep worries about the future."

Unexpectedly, Daisy did not complain about herself because of her congenital defects. Instead, she cured her father with her strength and optimism.

Daisy's father said, 'she smiles at life every day. Her love for life & lsquo; Counterattack & rsquo; It's so inspiring that I can quit drinking and gambling without seeing a psychologist. "

'the child is inspiring me. I can't shrink back. I also want to be the one who gives her strength. ' Encouraged by his daughter's father, he began to cheer himself up.

The doctor once said that Daisy would never be able to walk or ride a bike, but she proved that she could!

After the operation, the family prepared two sets of prosthetics for daisy. One set is suitable for school and looks like normal legs.

The other is modeled on the Paralympic athletes, equipped with spring blades, suitable for fast-paced sports.

Under the leadership of her father, Little Daisy also began to go to the gym for training.

With unremitting efforts, she not only learned to walk, but also run, jump quickly, and even somersault.

Ladder climbing, weight lifting, rings, is simply omnipotent. Stand and swing. Outdoor hiking, mountain climbing. Even went to ballet.

Her favorite is gymnastics. She also paid tribute to a master, Olympic gymnast Ellie & middot; Donny.

At the age of 7, Daisy met another life opportunity.

One morning, my father saw a model recruitment for disabled children on TV.

He immediately thought of his lovely sunny fairy, 'good daughter, do you want to be a model?'

Daisy replied happily, 'OK!'

So, the family began to apply. Unexpectedly, it was very smooth. Little Daisy embarked on the road of modeling.

Daisy showed amazing expressiveness in front of the camera. She is sometimes athletic and energetic, sometimes sweet and lovely, sometimes lady and lovely~

Gradually, she emerged in major fashion week shows, became an eye-catching small T-stage model, and even participated in London Fashion Week many times.

In March this year, Daisy was named the "son of courage" of 2019 by local social organizations. When she stood on the podium and won the angel trophy, her father almost burst into tears.

In September this year, she made history again and became the first child with two legs amputated to show at New York Fashion week.

This unusual and energetic little model has moved countless people.

Life is difficult to be satisfactory, but you can choose what kind of attitude to face