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The teacher lifted the bucket to remove the girls' makeup at the school gate! Netizen: students shou

Video screenshot

Recently, netizens broke the news that a male teacher carrying a bucket blocked the school gate to remove makeup for female students at the beginning of a middle school. The video shows a group of girls with luggage waiting in line for the male teacher to remove his makeup in person. After wiping one, the male teacher put the towel into the bucket around him, then continued to wipe the next female student's face, and said, "students should look like students." Most female students expressed reluctance and tried to muddle through with their faces covered, but they were stopped and scolded by those who took videos. Many plain faced female students covered their faces and didn't want to see anyone.

In this regard, some netizens expressed their support for the teacher's practice. Students should look like students. The school is a place to study, not a arena for competition. If you want to be famous, it depends on your grades. What a prestige it is to be the first in the whole grade. Some netizens say that many middle school students now don't understand if they don't wear school uniforms and can't think of students at all. Shouldn't the little girl be refreshing? I think there are many opportunities after makeup. I'm afraid I don't have time to show it?