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"My mogley boy" Lu ziyue: are you with Tang Cheng? How did they end

The TV series "my mogley boy" is on the hot screen. Many friends have seen several couples in the play. It can be seen from the list of couples that have been determined at present: mogley and Ling Xi have feelings in the process of getting along; Zheng Li and Bai Yiling are also attracted to get along. Bai Yiling is also Zheng Li's favorite type. Although the audience is not very optimistic about this pair, we still need to look at it from the perspective of the audience. Bai Yiling is not wrong in this feeling; In addition, when Ling Yu and Chu, a newly emerged foreign exchange student, can see that Ling Yu has always liked girls like Chu Shi, but his eyes were closed; The other is Lu ziyue and Tang Cheng.

Speaking of the way they met, Tang Cheng deliberately delayed Lu ziyue and asked Lu ziyue questions as a student of Lu ziyue in order to get along with her sister Ling Xi and Zheng Li. Lu ziyue also fell in love with Tang Cheng at first sight, but Tang Cheng didn't have feelings for Lu ziyue at first. Later, Tang Cheng deliberately intoxicated Lu ziyue and took him to the hotel, He spent the night with him, but there was no relationship. In this regard, Lu ziyue thought he was responsible for Tang Cheng, so Lu ziyue went downstairs to propose to her the next morning, but Tang Cheng refused.

Tang Cheng is a very independent person. He and Lu ziyue are both lawyers. In the working environment, they don't fight and don't know each other. Because of Bai Yiling's divorce property division case, Tang Cheng, who is full of a sense of justice, also secretly helped Lu ziyue to make Bai Yiling successfully divide the premarital property. Lu ziyue also recognized Tang Cheng's three views, After that, Lu ziyue had been pursuing Tang Cheng, but Tang Cheng felt that Lu ziyue could not accept his clothes and emotional attitude, and Tang Cheng was used to being emotional.

In the later rare animal incident, the two had a very rapid development. Lu ziyue handled the incident with a very controversial and rigid attitude, which also made Tang Cheng look at him with new eyes. Later, the two also started dating. Finally, Tang Cheng finally found the advantages of Lu ziyue. They finally came together and harvested a happy love.