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What kind of necklace looks good? How should the necklace match

Necklace can be said to be a very important accessory for women. When we always wear clothes in life, matching a good-looking necklace can make people's temperament soar, especially wearing metal or jewelry necklaces will give people a different visual impact. Do you know how to match women's necklaces? Any tips? Let's have a look with Sihai Xiaobian!

1. Different necks should be matched with different necklaces

The key to wearing a necklace is to make visual changes to make up for the lack of neck. People with long necks should choose short necklaces with horizontal lines and thick grains or necklaces with large and short grains to occupy a certain position on their necks. The layered richness caused by contrast can visually shorten the length of the neck. People with long neck and good body shape and skin can go to two extremes: bright colored and dark colored gold necklaces, which will produce good results. For people with short necks, they should wear longer necklaces or 'V' necklaces, because the straight line can lead each other's line of sight from top to bottom, which can increase the slender feeling of the neck. Wearing a slender necklace is also limited to beauty. If there is another diamond pendant hanging under the necklace, it will be more perfect.

2 different faces should wear different necklaces

Women with square faces wear 'V' shaped necklaces with pendants, and medium length necklaces are also preferred because they can make their faces look longer. Contrary to the square test, women with pointed faces should not choose a 'V-shaped Necklace because it will repeat the sharp lines of your face. This can shape women should choose horizontal stripe necklace and short necklace, which can make your face softer.

Round faced women should wear longer necklaces, such as those made of medium-sized pearls, which can make your face look longer and make your face look thinner. In addition, adding a beautiful necklace pendant under the necklace will also modify the shape of the face. Oval face is the most consistent with the traditional aesthetic standard of Oriental women. This face shape can match almost all kinds of styles when wearing a necklace.

3. Different clothes should be matched with different necklaces

When wearing a dress, you should wear a pearl necklace or a metal diamond necklace commensurate with the dress. When wearing a black dress, it's best to match it with a triple pearl necklace. In the matching of necklace and suit, the material, color, style, texture, length, thickness and style of necklace need to be considered. These elements should not only be coordinated with the fabric, color and style of the suit, but also with the professional and overall characteristics of the suit, as well as the dignified and concise style. When wearing casual clothes and casual clothes, you can wear wooden ceramic and stone necklaces according to your preferences and according to the color, texture and other factors of clothes. Such collocation can make you easily have leisure charm. The edge of collar and neck ornament is blurred, or there are intersecting clothes, which should not be matched with necklaces. The most matching clothes with the necklace are 'V-neck clothes, a larger round neck, and then a fitted high neck. When wearing this kind of clothes, it is easier to match with a suitable necklace.

4. The texture of the necklace should match the age

Young people's skin color is Ji run. If they choose Ivory necklaces and pearl necklaces, they will appear peaceful, quiet and elegant; And if you use face;: Colored jewelry necklaces will look energetic; Choose a platinum necklace, and a thin one can reflect Yinong's femininity; The antique silver and Turquoise necklaces are very cool. Older people should choose necklaces with emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones to wear, because these gemstones can highlight a person's composure and dignity after years of baptism. If you can wear a necklace made of platinum and other rare metals, it is also a good choice. In addition, the necklace should be worn with earrings or bracelets of the same color and quality. The same style and series are the best, so as to receive the best effect. If the coat collar is two often tied into a bow, it's best not to wear a necklace, otherwise it will be cumbersome.