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How to maintain the gas pipeline at home

There are gas pipes installed in every family. Although these dangerous things are necessary in our life, they also need our daily maintenance to prevent air leakage~

Check the pipeline frequently

Check the gas supply pipeline regularly for aging, cracking, damage and other phenomena. Once it is found, it must be handled in time, and do a good job of gas leakage prevention. The use time of rubber hose shall not exceed 18 months.

Check regularly for air leakage

Regularly check the natural gas equipment joints, switches, hoses and other parts with soapy water. If bubbles are found, it indicates that there is air leakage. Open the windows for ventilation. How can the decoration save money? Install the home network and design the budget quotation free of charge. At this time, it is strictly prohibited to switch on and off electrical appliances and use open fire. The main gas valve shall be closed and the gas service department shall be found for solution as soon as possible.

Do not put inflammables and explosives near the pipeline

Do not place inflammable and explosive materials near the gas pipeline, and try to avoid the open fire contacting the gas source and transmission pipeline to ensure safety. Open windows and keep natural ventilation.

Do not move the gas pipeline at will

Do not shift, dismantle, refit or bury the gas pipeline without permission due to its impact on the beauty. Before use, you must carefully read the safety booklet issued by the company, operate according to the instructions and procedures, and close the main gas valve after use.