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What do people with poor sleep quality eat? 5 dietary recommendations to improve sleep

What do people with poor sleep eat? Sleep has a very important health significance for people. People who often sleep poorly often look tired, look haggard, and even affect the normal operation of human functions. What can people who sleep poorly eat to improve sleep? Let's have a look

1. Sour jujube kernel porridge

Raw materials: 15g wild jujube kernel powder, 10g Codonopsis pilosula, 100g rice. Practice: add an appropriate amount of water and Codonopsis pilosula to the rice, cook until it is cooked, add the end of sour jujube kernel, and then cook for a while. Usage: take warm clothes every morning and evening. Efficacy: sour jujube kernel end into the porridge is sweet and sour, which can help health preservation and sleep. Adding dangshen can help replenish qi and refresh, one positive and one negative, deeply adjust the body's natural circulation mechanism, and fundamentally help the body recover its function.

2. Apple lemon pear juice

Ingredients: 1 pear, half apple, 1 / 4 lemon, 150ml water. Practice: peel the apples and pears, remove the seeds and cut them into small pieces. First squeeze the lemon into juice, and then put all the materials into the juicer to beat well. effect; Pears can clear away heat, detoxify and calm the mind. For people who are angry, upset and can't sleep, drinking this juice can help calm their emotions and help them sleep easily.

3. Lily egg yolk soup

Raw materials: raw Lily 5 yuan, egg yolk 1, a little rock sugar. Practice: after steaming the raw lily, add the prepared egg yolk and water for stirring, then add rock sugar to boil, and then add water for stirring. Usage: drink this soup 1 hour before going to bed every day. Efficacy: Lily has a good effect of clearing the heart and calming the mind. Drinking before going to bed can help improve poor sleep and help sleep.

4. Chrysanthemum tea

Raw materials: appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, a little rock sugar. Practice: add chrysanthemum and water into the pot and boil, then add rock sugar. Efficacy: Chrysanthemum tea is a good sedative product. Drinking chrysanthemum tea one hour before going to bed can not only alleviate upset and irritability, but also help concentrate and calm Qi and improve sleep quality.

5. Pig heart soup

Raw materials: 1 pig heart, 25g Dangshen and Angelica respectively. Practice: cut the pig's heart, add Codonopsis pilosula and Angelica sinensis, and then steam. After the pig heart is cooked, remove Codonopsis pilosula and angelica for consumption. Efficacy: pig heart can help replenish the heart, and has a good conditioning effect on the upset caused by heart fire.