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Dujiangyan water conservancy project meets the maximum flood peak this year, with a discharge of 190

according to the news from Dujiangyan administration of Sichuan Province, affected by the heavy rainfall in the upstream, the largest flood peak occurred in the upper and middle reaches of Minjiang River this year. From 3 p.m. yesterday (August 21) to 9 a.m. today (August 22), the discharge from Dujiangyan section of Minjiang River reached 1900 cubic meters per second, which was the largest flood peak this year. Dujiangyan water conservancy project, with a history of more than 2000 years, is giving full play to its role of "diversion and sediment discharge, flood discharge and disaster reduction" through "fish mouth water diversion, Feisha weir flood discharge and baopingkou control flow". In order to ensure the safety of Minjiang River Basin, Zipingpu Reservoir in the upper reaches of Dujiangyan is also retaining floods and reducing flood peaks.