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Is it true that Zhang Yuxi and Chen Bairong broke up

Is it true that Zhang Yuxi and Chen Bairong broke up

Recently, the Internet revealed that Zhang Yuxi and Chen Bairong were suspected of breaking up. It is reported that on July 15, some netizens broke the news that Zhang Yuxi's microblog trumpet took Guan Bairong, and the trumpet finally mentioned that the man was still in May.

On June 13, Zhang Yuxi also sent a document on the trumpet, saying that "I haven't contacted for two days, and I can't find anyone. It seems like a real barrier for three years, which is very difficult to step". It is suspected that there is something wrong with Chen Bairong's relationship.

On February 4, 2017, Zhang Yuxi announced on her microblog that her boyfriend was Taiwanese actor Chen berong. In this regard, the media asked the staff of both sides for confirmation. Zhang Yuxi's staff responded and said: 'we won't respond to the artist's private affairs first.' Chen Bairong did not respond.

On December 20, 2014, Zhang Yuxi and Wang Sicong attended the opening of Wanda Wuhan film Park and the premiere of Han show, and claimed to be Wang Sicong's girlfriend. On January 21, 2015, Zhang Yuxi issued a document admitting that she had broken up with Wang Sicong.