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What's a good gift for celebrating a friend's housewarming? What are the taboos

When friends or relatives move to their new homes, we all go to congratulate them. So what's better to give when celebrating the housewarming? What are the taboos? Let's have a look

1. Traditional gifts can increase life taste and are more suitable for older friends such as elders and leaders.

1. The couplets and paintings of congratulations are grand and add a festive atmosphere

2. Mirror screen, calligraphy and painting show solemn and elegant gifts

3. The traditional way of congratulation in congratulatory poetry is rarely sent now

4. Desk clocks used to be very popular gifts for some time, but now few people give them

5. The aquarium has the traditional gift of the tasteful, but it should be accompanied by relevant items

6. Large antique vases can be used as furnishings in new houses

7. A mural. This gift is more suitable for a spacious house

8. Small furniture or bedding are more gifts when moving in

9. The gift money is put in the red envelope, and the congratulations and signature are written on the envelope of the envelope

10. When the congratulatory letter cannot go to the new house to congratulate, it is used to express congratulations. The congratulatory letter can be long or short, regardless of form. It will be sent immediately after hearing the news, so as not to miss the time

2. Household products are a good choice, which makes your friends feel that you are very considerate. You can send some things that are relatively scarce and may not have time to buy.

1. New mailbox, doorknob, doorplate or trash can. Housemovers may not have time to buy items, which will be delivered in time

2. Hooks, light bulbs, glue, wires, toilet paper, pens and paper are necessities that must be added

3. The knife sharpener is a thoughtful gift

4. Candles are not needed in case of power failure

5. The step mat in front of the door can keep the new house clean

6. Scissors, umbrella racks, etc. can trim bonsai or flowers and plants planted at home

7. A set of tea cups or glass water cups is a new addition in the new house, which is very practical

8. Cooking books are indispensable reference books on the family table

9. The interior decoration magazine can refer to the decoration and furnishings in the book for its own design

10. Subscribing to a local newspaper can learn about the social situation in the relocation area, so as to get used to the life in the area quickly

3. Decorations are also a good choice for gifts, which can help add some fun to a friend's new home.

1. Select cactus and other plants that can clean indoor harmful gases

2. Pottery and porcelain can become family decorations for new homes

3. The picture scroll can be hung in the study or living room after mounting to show that the owner has the smell of books

4. The wall lamp is decorated with exquisite appearance and soft color

5. The appearance photos of the new house are put into a beautiful picture frame and sent to the owner of the new house

6. The wine rack subconsciously collects some exquisite wine bottles for display

7. Wine mixing supplies, filter cups, spoons, etc. can be used for home wine mixing

8. A decorative telephone. A classical telephone can be placed in the room or living room to highlight the owner's interest

9. House and apartment signs can be pasted outside the house or inserted on the lawn to indicate the location of your residence

10. The house number can be added with some classical patterns, which is very elegant and can show the owner's elegant taste

4. It's also good to buy some food or simple gifts. Just express your congratulations.

1. Hold a buffet reception for sandwiches, fruits and cold drinks to welcome the neighbors

2. Write your address and telephone number on the envelope of the telephone book and send it to the new owner

3. The flowers sent in advance are placed on the living room or dining table for decoration

4. The family telephone message book can record important messages from family members when there is no one at home

5. A fine meal of wine or champagne for housewarming

6. Frozen prepared foods, such as boiled ham, roast chicken, stewed beef, cake, fruit, etc., can be sent one or two

7. Beautiful stationery, such as pens, notes, pen holders, and other things that show your heart

8. Don't forget to bring a bottle of wine with you

9. A business card with a new address. You helped the new neighbor design it yourself

10. Homemade home recipes your cooking experience will bring delicious food to others


5. As we all know, the general gifts to congratulate the host on his move can be daily necessities, food, flowers and so on. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable to send knives and scissors for daily necessities, as well as privacy items such as pajamas and bathrobes. This will make them very uncomfortable, especially in a general relationship.