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What color dress does the bridesmaid wear? What's the point of dressing as a bridesmaid?

For girls, having a grand and happy wedding is the biggest hope, so they often choose their best friends as bridesmaids. So if you are lucky enough to be invited to be bridesmaids, do you know about bridesmaids' dresses, styles and other common sense? Don't be noisy!

I. color of Bridesmaid Dress

1. At the wedding, the color of bridesmaid's dress should be lighter than that of bride's dress, and the color is mainly warm.

2. Don't wear pure white dress to the stage, so as not to win the host. The bridesmaid dress is a little lighter than the bride's dress, which is the same as the wedding style.

3. For the celebration, you can add some red accessories to the clothing, such as a red skirt, red belt or a small area of red on the clothing. You can also wear some warm colors, such as light pink, light yellow and so on.

4. Take part in formal wedding banquet in the daytime, and use monochromatic clothes. Pay attention not to have too many colors on your body, otherwise you will feel frivolous and solemn.

5. It's better not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially the black ground mesh socks.

2. Bridesmaid dress style

1. The design of bridesmaid dress is simpler than that of bride. The style of dress is between evening dress and casual dress. Don't choose long floor mop. It's too grand. You can focus on small dress.

2. The dress should be low-key and dignified, not too explicit, otherwise it will rob the bride's style and make the elders at the venue unhappy.

3. To avoid too orthodox or too casual clothing, you can add fashion elements to the details.

4. The bridesmaid's skirt should not be too short, so as not to expose underwear when flowing outdoors, which is inconsistent with the occasion.

If it is to wear a suit with fashionable lace, the inside of the suit should be equipped with a small suspender, which can be used for bright color, bead, colorful splicing and sexy bra.

III. bridesmaid dress accessories

1. There should be no headdress on the bridesmaid's floor. If the bride is a white long yarn, you should wear a white skirt. If the bride does not wear a long yarn, you should wear her similar clothes.

2. The bridesmaid should not wear lipstick, but use plain face to set off the bride.

3. It is better not to wear jewelry, and do not surpass the bride in visibility. If you want to highlight the characteristics of bridesmaids, you can tie a white scarf around your neck.