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China first photographed Bengal tiger in the wild. What does it mean to photograph Bengal tiger in M

Original title: Yunnan: live photos of Bengal tigers were taken in the wild for the first time in China

According to the Kunming Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, today (August 6), researchers have photographed wild Bengal tigers three times at two infrared camera sites in Motuo County, Tibet Autonomous Region. This is the first time that China has taken live photos of Bengal tigers in the wild.

Since October 2018, the animal ecology and evolution discipline group of Kunming Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences has carried out the "second comprehensive investigation and Research on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau" and the "Pan third quarter environmental change and green silk road construction sub project - high-throughput and continuous coverage biodiversity monitoring and assessment in key areas" in Southeast Tibet.

According to the project researchers, tigers have high requirements for the authenticity and continuity of the ecosystem. The infrared camera photos of wild Bengal tigers obtained in this survey are direct evidence of the distribution of Bengal tigers in the wild environment in China, indicating that the current ecological environment of Motuo County can carry the survival and reproduction of wild Bengal tiger populations.

It is reported that 48 infrared cameras were installed in Motuo County from October to November 2018. The researchers preliminarily analyzed the first batch of recovered camera data and found that in addition to the Bengal tiger, 14 rare and endangered carnivores such as clouded leopard, clouded cat, golden cat and jackal were recorded.