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Nezha's box office exceeded 1.5 billion, and IMAX surpassed animal city to become the highest box of

IMAX poster of Nezha's demon child


On August 2, the eighth day of the release of the domestic animation "the devil child of Nezha", the cumulative comprehensive box office in mainland China exceeded 1.5 billion yuan! In addition, according to the official data of IMAX, "Nezha's demon child came into the world" has made a box office of 90 million yuan on the IMAX screen as of August 1, surpassing crazy animal city and becoming the highest box office animated film of IMAX in China.

The animated "Nezha's magic child" has been released in China for 8 days. At present, the box office has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. It is expected to refresh the highest box office record of Chinese animated films maintained by crazy animal city today.