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Google announces IOS vulnerabilities what are the vulnerabilities of IOS system

Google announces IOS vulnerabilities what are the vulnerabilities of IOS system Google's Android operating system has always been criticized as' unsafe ', but according to foreign media reports, Google's security team project zero recently found six vulnerabilities in the IOS system and made them public, saving some face for Android.

Google said that four of the six security vulnerabilities remotely execute malicious code without user interaction. Hackers only need to send a 'wrong format' message, users open and view the relevant SMS, and the malicious code will be executed. Vulnerabilities 5 and 6 allow attackers to leak data from device memory and read files from remote devices.

The price list of vulnerability trading platform zerodium shows that the price of such vulnerabilities may exceed 1 million / piece.

In IOS version 12.4 released on July 22, these six security vulnerabilities have been fixed, but one of them has not been completely closed.

Apple's quarterly profit and revenue on Tuesday exceeded Wall Street's expectations, and its sales forecast for the fourth quarter also exceeded expectations. CEO Cook said that the 'significant improvement in Greater China' promoted performance growth.

According to the ibes data of refinitiv, Apple's service industry revenue in the third quarter increased by 12.6% to $11.46 billion, a record high, but lower than the expectation of $11.73 billion.

According to refinitiv, iPhone sales fell 12% to $25.99 billion, roughly in line with expectations of $25.96 billion.

After the news, Apple shares rose 3.5% to $216.10 in after hours trading.

After a 22% decline in the second quarter, Apple's sales in China fell 4% to $9.16 billion. According to data released by canalys, a market research company, Apple's shipments in China's smartphone market fell 6% in the third quarter.

Cook said Apple's performance in Chinese mainland is impressive. He added that Apple's revenue from non iPhone products increased by 17%.

Apple said it expected revenue in the fourth quarter to be between $61 billion and $64 billion, and analysts expected revenue to be $61.02 billion.