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77 people were injured in the collision between two buses in Hong Kong. The two buses collided about

According to several Hong Kong media reports, this (30th) morning, two buses collided in the direction of Ting Kau Bridge from Tai Lam Tunnel in Hong Kong's new territories, injuring 77 people.

Two vehicles collided in Tai Lam Tunnel (photo source: Hong Kong's' East network ')

Hong Kong's "east net" reported that at 8:24 on the 30th, two buses collided in the direction of Tai Lam Tunnel to Ting Kau, injuring 77 people. The front of the rear vehicle was seriously damaged and the driver was trapped. Several rescue vehicles rushed to the scene, and the fire broke the window to rescue the injured. The injured were examined at the roadside and sent to hospital. Some injured people need to carry their beds to hospital, and some people need to wear oxygen masks to help them breathe. The traffic on site was blocked, and many office workers got off and waited for a transfer to leave.

The Citybus involved drove from Tin Shui Wai to Admiralty. Some passengers said that at that time, most of the people on the bus were sleeping. Suddenly, the bus hit violently and braked sharply. The passengers screamed and someone flew out of the corridor from their seats. The situation was chaotic.

It is reported that the Hong Kong Transport Department announced that the central line and slow line of Tsing long road towards Ting Kau Bridge near Ting Kau are still closed, and drivers can only use the fast line.

Another Hong Kong media said that two of the injured in the car accident were seriously injured. Miss Deng, the former passenger in the accident, said that when she was sitting on the upper floor of the bus, the rear vehicle suddenly crashed, "there was a lot of smoke after that!" She said that the passengers of Citybus in the rear were relatively seriously injured. The two cars collided about three times at the time of the incident. Miss Deng and her colleague Miss Li said that they were all right. They only suffered back and neck injuries, but inhaled a lot of smoke.