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Secretly photographed 100 women were sentenced, thinking it was just a moral problem, and the execut

(original title: more than two years of secretly photographing 100 women sentenced to '91 great God rammer': thought it was just a moral problem)

In recent years, a video website with '91' in its name has a high sense of existence. This website contains tens of thousands of pornographic videos, active millions of users and maintains a very high update frequency.

'Mr. ram 'is one of the website users. Because of the large number of videos uploaded and high definition, it is regarded as a' great God 'by other users. The 'great God' had sex with nearly 100 women in about two years from 2015 to early 2018, took sex videos, and illegally spread and sold them on this website.

'Mr. ram 'can become a great God in people's mouth, which has something to do with his two' partners'. One is Yang mouwen, a student studying in the United States. He is responsible for spreading and selling the videos shot by 'Mr. ram' abroad. The income is divided into 20% and 80% with 'Mr. ram'. Mr. ram accounts for 80% and puts the money into a domestic bank account. The account holder is Liu. Liu is not 'Mr. ram' himself, but his fan, a young engineer of a French funded enterprise in Nanjing. He is responsible for helping Mr. ram collect money, converting it into US dollars and depositing it into Mr. ram's us account, and collecting "hard money" ranging from 100 to 200 for every 10000 yuan.

'Mr. tamper 'is responsible for shooting, Yang mouwen is responsible for transmitting, and Liu is responsible for collecting money. It can be seen that there is a complete chain for the illegal dissemination and trafficking of' Mr. tamper 'pornographic videos, and the three people only have a cooperative relationship. They don't know each other too much about each other's real identity.' Mr. rammer's move is cunning and has a very strong anti reconnaissance ability.

In this way, the three sold more than 100 pornographic videos, sold tens of thousands of people, and made a profit of more than 1 million. If the police in Lishui, Zhejiang Province hadn't cracked it in time, this figure would have to rise.

On July 11, 2017, the national "anti pornography and anti illegal activities" office announced the first batch of typical cases of the special action of "protecting seedlings 2017" to the public. The "12.26" large-scale profit-making case of Disseminating Obscene Articles in Lishui, Zhejiang Province was selected, becoming the first batch of national typical cases of the special action of "anti pornography and anti illegal activities" office "protecting seedlings 2017". During the review of the Ministry governor's 12.26 case, the Lishui police found the clue that 'Mr. ram' sold pornographic videos on this 91 website. The branch immediately set up a task force to investigate the case and report the case at all levels.

After careful investigation, the Public Security Bureau of the Development Zone found that Wang Moulei, the suspect and other people, had approached different women and photographed the sex process by way of chatting on the scene, social software chat and other forms. The price of sex videos was sold on 91 websites from 200 yuan to 300 yuan, and the number of injured women reached over 300, and the value of the case involved exceeded 5 million yuan. And Wang moulei is' Mr. ram '.

In January 2018, 'Mr. ram' Wang moulei was arrested in Shanghai.

It is reported that Wang moulei, 1.8 meters tall, returned from studying in the UK, is an executive of a foreign enterprise in Shanghai, with an annual salary of millions, a dignified and beautiful wife, a lively and clever daughter and a happy family life. This is an enviable 'life winner' with good looks, work and family, but now he has become a prisoner, which makes people sigh.

According to Wang Lei, due to the needs of his work, he often goes in and out of airports, restaurants and bars, and many women take the initiative to chat up with him. Gradually, Wang Lei became a 'master of love'. In the second half of 2015, when browsing pornographic websites, Wang moulei found that many people sent selfie videos on the Internet.

Subsequently, Wang moulei registered an account called 'Mr. ram' and began to put some sex videos of 'self directing, self acting and self shooting' on the website. Because the scene is too real, it is very to the appetite of some 'fans'. For a time,' Mr. ram 'has become the idol of many' otaku '. With the increasing popularity of' Mr. ram 'and more and more fans, Wang moulei's vanity has been greatly satisfied. He soon decided to make a lot of money by selling these obscene videos, so he clearly priced each video, Publicly available online.

"I didn't expect it to be so serious. I thought it was just a moral problem. I violated public security regulations at most, but I didn't expect it to be a crime," said Wang moulei after he was arrested.

In July 2018, Lishui Liandu District People's court heard the case in public. After trial, the Liandu District Court of Lishui City held that Wang Mou Lei, Yang Mou Wen and Liu Mou made and sold obscene articles for the purpose of making profits. The circumstances were particularly serious, and their acts constituted the crime of making and selling obscene articles for profit; Wang moulei was sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment and a fine of 400000 yuan; Yang mouwen was sentenced to six years' imprisonment and fined 150000 yuan; Liu was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for 3 years, suspended for 5 years, and fined 50000 yuan; The illegal income of the three persons, RMB 836000, shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury; The instruments of crime seized on record shall be confiscated and dealt with by the seizure organ.

Executives of foreign companies, high-quality students in the United States and young engineers should have prospects and future that ordinary people can't reach, but they stopped. Like 'Mr. ram', Mr. Qin and brother Dai, who are also '91 gods', were also arrested by the police one after another.

'Mr. ram 'and' Mr. Qin 'were arrested, and perhaps' Mr. X' appeared. The website containing 91 was blocked, and there may be websites with other numbers. As the saying goes, no matter how cunning a fox is, it can't fight a good hunter. In recent years, a number of special rectification activities carried out by the anti pornography and anti illegal departments have been orderly and achieved remarkable results. We have reason to believe that any case involving pornography and anti illegal activities will be difficult to escape the long-standing legal net.