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Do you need eye cream after applying eye patch? What eye cream should I apply after applying the eye

As people pay more and more attention to skin care, many girls will pay special attention to their skin state, especially the skin of the eyes. The eyes are the easiest place to show old, so many people will like to apply eye mask and then rub eye cream. Is that really good? Let's have a look

Do you want to use eye cream after applying eye mask:

After applying the eye mask, the general refreshing eye mask can directly apply the eye cream without washing. Many people think that the more the eye cream is applied, the better. In fact, this is a wrong idea. After applying the eye mask, use the eye cream in the size of one grain of rice. It is best to use a light moisturizing eye cream to avoid using a moisturizing eye cream to avoid excessive concentration of nutrition, Instead, it places a burden on the skin.

Skin care products or eye mask first:

See what skin care products it is. If it is a facial skin care product, wipe it before applying the eye mask. Common facial skin care products include toner, lotion, cream and so on. These skin care products are applied to the facial skin except for the skin around the eyes. Therefore, it will not affect the eye mask before applying the eye film. And eye care products, including eye cream, eye gel, eye essence, etc., these need to be applied after the completion of the eye mask.

Massage after applying eye mask and eye cream:

After applying the eye mask, it is best to superimpose the eye cream to make the moisturizing effect of the eye mask better and lasting. When applying eye cream, you should pay attention to gently playing the piano with your ring finger in a clockwise circle. You can also use your ring finger to massage and apply eye cream from inside to outside along the orbit. If there are small fine lines, it is best to massage according to the growth texture of wrinkles.

What eye cream to apply after applying eye mask:

If the eyes only have fine dry lines, just use moisturizing eye cream after the eye mask. If the corners of the eyes already have crow's feet, you can use the eye mask in the morning and replenish Nourishing Eye Cream in the evening. Generally, we suggest that after applying the eye mask, it is better to use a moisturizing eye cream with single effect, such as melty wink big eye instant open corner eye cream and the body shop elderberry eye glue. If you want to save the girl with crow's feet, you can use eye mask in the morning and moisturizing eye cream in the evening, such as oshudan wax chrysanthemum eye cream and Keyan's avocado moisturizing eye cream.