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Spider Man 2 is 129 minutes long, marvel film is 3000 minutes long, from the official confession

Today, the topic of "Spiderman film length" has been on the hot search and has attracted the attention of many netizens. At present, the official confirmed that spider man 2: Hero expedition is 129 minutes long! However, there were only 127 minutes in the previous domestic release notice. There are two possibilities. First, it is rumored that Sony has not added the colored egg at the end of the film when it submitted the film for approval, so the mainland version is less than 2 minutes. 2, it may simply be that the issuance notice is written incorrectly.

In fact, less than two minutes does not affect the overall viewing of the film. If the colored egg at the end of the film is missing, it can be supplemented. The main thing to watch the film is the main film, so don't say that watching the film is to watch the colored egg at the end of the film. If it's a joke, it's OK, but if you really think so, it's upside down.

In addition, careful Internet users found that after adding the length of Spider Man 2: Heroic expedition, the total length of 23 movies in Marvel film universe has just reached 3000 minutes so far!

This is an official confession!