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Where can I buy LMZ toothpaste? How much is LMZ toothpaste

Everyone has to brush their teeth every morning. We need toothpaste to brush our teeth. There are many kinds of toothpaste on the market, but when it comes to LMZ toothpaste, I don't know if any friends remember. The LMZ toothpaste used to be very popular, but now it has gradually withdrawn from people's sight. Where can I buy LMZ toothpaste?

How much is LMZ toothpaste

At present, LMZ toothpaste is rarely sold in the market, but it is sometimes sold in Liansheng or Yonghui and other chain supermarkets. And there will be promotions on some holidays.

However, the prices of some LMZ toothpaste sold on the market are different, because the economic development and consumption level of each place are different, and the prices are also different.

Usually, the price of LMZ as a domestic brand will not be too high. Generally, the selling price of LMZ toothpaste is about 15-20 yuan, and there are many types of LMZ toothpaste. Consumers can choose according to their preferences.

Where can I buy nitidine:

At present, LMZ does not sell much in the market, and this toothpaste is not sold in many places. But it will still appear in some cities. If you want to buy LMZ toothpaste, you can take a chance and go to some supermarkets to see if it is available. If you feel troublesome or there is no supermarket, you can buy it on Taobao and tmall.

Now, you can find this brand of toothpaste by searching LMZ on Taobao and tmall. At the same time, it may be cheaper and more cost-effective to buy LMZ on Taobao, because many LMZ toothpastes on Taobao are sold in three or two packages at the same time