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Takashimaya will withdraw from China and Japan's old department stores and terminate business in Aug

On the afternoon of August 25, Japan's Takashima department store announced that it would liquidate and dissolve its overseas subsidiary, Shanghai Takashima Department Store Co., Ltd., and would hold the relevant extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on August 25. The store was scheduled to close on the same day.

Gaodao House said that Shanghai Gaodao house was affected by many factors such as domestic consumption structure, intensified industry competition and low consumption in physical stores, which led to the unsustainable operation of stores and finally made the decision to close down.

It is understood that Takashimaya, founded in 1831, was originally a fabric retailer. It was established in Kyoto, Japan by the founder Shinichi Iida, and then gradually developed into one of the largest department stores in Japan. In 2012, Takashima entered China and opened a shopping mall in Gubei area of Shanghai. The characteristic selling point is the exclusive import of a large number of Japanese products.

Takashimoya, the full name of takashimoya Co., Ltd. (takashimoya), is a large Japanese department store chain. Founded in 1829, it was a second-hand clothing and cotton fabric retailer in Kyoto. Its head office is located in Nanhai Nanbo station, Central District, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Takashimaya, the first Chinese mainland department store, opened in Shanghai in December 19, 2012 and will add a new Japanese department store. It is reported that gaodaowu department store covers an area of 62000 square meters. It is located in phase 2 of Shanghai Gubei international wealth center. From the first floor underground to the seventh floor above the ground, it brings together food supermarkets, food streets, and many brand counters. Many brands have entered China for the first time.

According to the information released by Gaodao house, Shanghai Gaodao house has been operating for seven years and has been in a state of loss for a long time in the past three years. Since 2017, the operating profit in the performance period has been RMB 980000, RMB 1140000 and RMB 8660000.

At present, there are 19 stores in Japan and four overseas, namely Singapore Takashima, Shanghai Takashima, Ho Chi Minh Takashima and Thailand Takashima. The closure of Shanghai gaodaowu also means that gaodaowu will withdraw from the Chinese market.

According to the analysis of insiders, many stores of Takashimaya in Japan have been transformed into shopping centers for survival and development, such as the nihonbash Business District store in Tokyo. The Gaodao house in Shanghai is embarrassed in terms of geographical location, project volume and design positioning. It is too close to Xujiahui and Tianshan Hongqiao Business District, and the commercial competition is too fierce.

For the use of gift cards and points that are about to close, consumers are generally concerned about. Takashima House said that the gift card should be used before August 25; VIP points will be redeemed for point coupons and should be used up before August 25.