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How to improve dull skin? Try these little tricks

As a girl, everyone wants to have white, clean and bright skin, but our skin is getting darker and darker and lusterless for various reasons. So how can you make your skin white? Let's have a look with Sihai Xiaobian

1. Use skin care products

When we choose basic skin care products, we can consciously pay attention to products with whitening effect. If skin care contains vitamin C, nicotinamide and other components, it can slow down the formation of melanin. Using them to care for your skin can unknowingly improve your dark complexion.

2. Use of chemicals

Go to a regular beauty agency or hospital and use chemicals containing fruit acid to drive away melanin and help skin whiten.

3. Use water light needle and micro needle

Water light needle and micro needle are also common means of skin whitening. During specific use, it can instill special white materials into the skin, so as to make the skin white from the inside to the outside.

4. Photoelectric

The use of special means such as laser and strong pulse can effectively break the melanin in the skin, so as to improve the dull problem of facial skin.

What can girls drink to improve their skin color

1. Honey water

Honey contains fructose, glucose and a variety of vitamins, which are good for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. When getting up in the morning, after brewing an appropriate amount of honey with warm water, drinking a cup of honey water can improve skin color and reduce pigmentation.

2. Tomato juice

Tomato is rich in vitamin C, which can dilute melanin and spots. In addition, tomatoes are rich in acidic juice, which can balance the pH value of the skin and remove the dead skin on the face. Therefore, squeezing tomato juice and drinking can improve the dark complexion of the face.

3. Luoshen rose tea

Flower tea can relieve and relax people's mood. Drinking Luoshen rose tea can recuperate mood and improve facial dullness. Practice: put 2 grams of dry roses and 2 grams of Luoshen flowers into the pot, stew in the pot for 3 minutes, and then add longan and rock sugar to taste according to your personal taste.