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Apple recalls MacBook. Which MacBook model does Apple get back

Apple recalls MacBook. Which MacBook model does Apple get back Apple announced today that it will take the initiative to recall some older MacBook Pro laptops because they may have overheated batteries. The company said that the battery of the 15 inch MacBook Pro laptop sold mainly from September 2015 to February 2017 may overheat and pose safety risks to users.

According to apple, all computers that may be affected will display the following statement in the 'about this Mac' section of the apple menu at the top left of the MacOS: 'macbook pro (retina, 15 inch, mid-2015).' If it weren't for this model of MacBook, it wouldn't be in the active recall list. If it is confirmed to be this model, the next step is to check the serial number of the MacBook on this page to determine whether the battery of this computer is a security risk.

In order to solve this problem, apple provides a free service to replace the battery of the affected MacBook Pro laptop. In the meantime, the company said consumers should stop using these computers until the batteries are replaced. The recall page pointed out that in all cases, the recall process needs to send the MacBook to Apple's repair center for repair, and said that 'it may take 1 to 2 weeks'.

Less than a month ago, an Apple user reported that a 15 inch 2015 MacBook Pro laptop he used exploded during normal use, emitting toxic smoke on both sides of the fuselage, although the laptop only used Apple charging accessories and only Apple Certified accessories for maintenance. Although the battery is considered the most likely culprit, Apple has not commented publicly on the incident since it investigated the laptop.