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The appearance of abbily men's and women's after cosmetic recovery is amazing

Some time ago, a boy named abbily became popular on the Internet. Shawl and waist long hair, girls feel the explosion of air bangs. Looking at his eyes, it seems that his eyes are full of stars. Especially after making up, his small mouth gives people a very comfortable feeling. He can't see that he is a boy at all. Many girls admit defeat after watching it, and can't compare with it!

Because she looks so good after she dresses up as a woman, many people like the boy. It's no exaggeration to say that she is more beautiful than most girls. Seeing this picture, I think everyone must be in love for the first time! Who would have thought a boy could look like this? Boys feel a little excited after seeing it!

Abbily often takes some dancing videos and shares them with netizens on social platforms. In fact, he is also very handsome when his short hair is men's clothing. The white, tender and delicate face is very recognizable. It is a type of small milk dog with short black hair, big eyes and a small mouth. Super sweet, no!

Later, as his reputation grew and more people paid attention to him, abbily may feel that his responsibility is getting heavier and heavier! He had the idea of cosmetic surgery. When he was broadcast live not long after the cosmetic surgery, he was found that his face seemed to be different, mellow, and his recognition seemed to be gone. Some people say that his self photos have completely changed. His fat cheeks look like a steamed bread. Chad looks a little like Meng Meiqi's thick eyelids. He was startled himself. To tell the truth.

Many people don't understand abbily's cosmetic surgery, because he was already more beautiful than many girls before cosmetic surgery. It's not easy to have a pure natural and beautiful online popularity, which many people like very much, but why do you have to go to cosmetic surgery now? Abbily also responded to this. He said that since he was a child with low self-esteem, he just wanted to be better. So the second amendment was made again, but this time it was obviously much better!

It's much more natural now. It still looks more beautiful than girls! If today's boys get together, will the girl still live? To make a joke, in fact, I think there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. What kind of cosmetic surgery is also a personal preference, and there is no need to have a unified standard for aesthetics! Everyone has the freedom of choice. As long as he is happy, and he is very beautiful before cosmetic surgery. Dancing is really good-looking. He really loves dancing, so why not make himself happy? In the end, he was very successful