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Can pregnant women use mosquito repellent liquid? Can babies use electric mosquito repellent liquid

Can pregnant women use mosquito repellent liquid? Can babies use electric mosquito repellent liquid compared with electric mosquito repellent incense liquid, the smell of mosquito repellent incense is harmful to the body. Many families will choose mosquito repellent incense liquid to repel mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent incense liquid is very convenient to use. Can pregnant women use mosquito repellent incense liquid to repel mosquitoes? How to repel mosquitoes to avoid being affected.

Does mosquito repellent incense liquid affect pregnant women

If it is a relatively high-quality mosquito repellent incense liquid, it will not have any impact on the human body. The main component of modern mosquito repellent incense is pyrethrin, which can paralyze the nerves of mosquitoes and make mosquitoes unable to move, so as to achieve the purpose of mosquito elimination. After entering the human body, pyrethrin will be excreted with the metabolism of the human body.

If it is a fake mosquito repellent liquid, there will be less pyrethrin. In order to achieve the same effect, some manufacturers will use toxic substances instead, so some unqualified liquid mosquito repellent liquid may be toxic.

Can pregnant women use mosquito repellent incense

Better not use it. The reason why electric mosquito repellent incense has mosquito repellent effect is mainly because it has a certain toxin, so it is unhealthy for pregnant women. Long term use of electric mosquito repellent incense will affect the development of the fetus, and in serious cases will lead to abortion of pregnant women. It is suggested that pregnant friends should not use mosquito repellent incense. Traditional mosquito nets, electric mosquito rackets, etc. can be used, and screen windows can be installed on the windows. These methods can prevent mosquitoes.

Can babies use liquid mosquito repellent incense

Mosquito repellent incense contains pyrethrin no matter how it is processed. This pyrethrin is a pesticide. Although it does little harm, infants and pregnant women have poor immunity and are prone to harm. In addition, the smoke released by the burning of mosquito repellent incense liquid contains substances harmful to human body. Parents should not choose some special mosquito repellent incense for children, because mosquito repellent incense will be a little toxic as long as it has mosquito repellent effect. Therefore, children, the elderly and pregnant women at home should not use any mosquito repellent products, and mosquito nets are the most reliable.

How to safely use electric mosquito repellent incense for pregnant women

1. When purchasing electric mosquito repellent incense, you must see the instructions, see the drug content in the instructions, try to choose low toxicity and non irritating products, and choose a good brand.

2. If long-acting anti mosquito agents are used, because their drug content is high, it is best to dilute them with water to a certain multiple before use, and then spray them on the floor and wall of the room. As long as you pay attention to opening doors and windows and maintaining ventilation at ordinary times, their anti mosquito effect can be maintained for a summer, and there is no need to take other anti mosquito methods.

3. If anti mosquito aerosol or spray is used, it is best to close the door and window when spraying, so the effect will be better. But at this time, people should leave the room, open the window for ventilation in a few minutes, and enter the room after ventilation.