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The library now warns that wearing exposed clothing can lead to fetal death

The library now warns that wearing exposed clothing can lead to fetal death Recently, it is reported on the Internet that the self-study room of the library of Sichuan Yibin University is now 'shocking tips': please don't wear high heels and exposed clothes in the self-study room, so as not to' be harmful to yourself and others', and the 'shocking tips' have attracted the attention of students and netizens.

On June 9, another 'shocking reminder' appeared again in the self-study room of the library of Yibin University and was torn off by the staff. The person in charge of relevant departments of Yibin University said that the 'prompt' was not posted by the official or library of the University, but should be done by students, and the teaching order of the University was not affected.

Library startles' shocking tips'

Remind girls not to wear revealing clothes

According to the microblog account "male virtue" with 170000 fans, some students of Sichuan Yibin University found "shocking tips" for girls in the study room of the school library

Dear, beautiful, generous, reasonable and considerate & hellip& hellip; Female students:

How do you do! In order to create a clean, healthy, comfortable, positive, progressive, civilized and harmonious atmosphere for the self-study room, where we study and work together, please don't wear high heels and exposed clothes in the self-study room (including ultra shorts, ultra short skirts, navel exposed clothes, perspective clothes, backless clothes, low chest clothes and suspenders & hellip; & hellip; not depriving female students of their right to dress, but really thinking of everyone's common interests.

The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Not good for yourself

1、 Wearing high-heeled shoes is easy to cause harm to the feet, ankles and knees, and the lumbar spine is easy to strain. Secondly, it is easy to sprain your feet when walking, which will be very painful! Second, wearing exposed clothes will lead to the long-term exposure of many important acupoints of the body, which will cause great harm! The cold will drive straight into the Dazhui acupoint of the neck, which will directly damage the lung qi. In the future, there will be many diseases, especially easy to catch a cold, and often cough and flow Runny nose. There are Mingmen acupoints at the back of the waist, which will easily lead to uterine cold, miscarriage or fetal death in the future! The exposed thighs will blow the cold, and the liver and kidney meridians will be blocked, which will easily lead to gynecological diseases in the future. Third, wearing exposed clothes can easily become the object of abuse.

2. Against others

1、 Wearing high-heeled shoes makes a noise and disturbs everyone's study and thinking. Male students are more likely to fantasize. Second, wearing exposed clothes to show their figure, female students may compete with each other, be jealous and encourage extravagance. The vast majority of male students can't stand watching their heart, are prone to evil thoughts, and even do things that are not conducive to their physical and mental health, and even go to crime Way!

The Red Star News reporter noted that the 'prompt' was recorded on May 31 and signed as' a person who sincerely hopes everyone is good and prays for peace in the world '. The students who reflected the situation said that these notes appeared in the study room on the third, fourth and fifth floor of the library on June 2,' which makes people feel very angry '.

'shocking tips' continue to appear

This time I think boys' pants are short again

According to the student who exposed the matter, he said: "my own interpretation: his statement can be seen that he is threatening women with these ideas. It is easy to be infringed when men can't control themselves. When men can't control themselves, they will be animal, and the root cause is women's exposure."

The student, who asked not to be named, said: "I tore up the paper on my floor that day. I thought this psycho only pasted it on that floor. (June 5) The girls on the other floor also made swearing remarks. Only then did they know that he pasted all the floors. After everyone tore them off, he went to the library office to tell the teacher that the exposed girls' clothes affected his study, and asked the library to prohibit the exposed girls from entering. "

On June 9, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was not over, and the teachers and students of Yibin college were also enjoying the weekend, but there were still many students in and out of the library. A girl who had just left the library told reporters that she didn't see the note, but she saw in the group of students that 'the female students and male students in the class don't accept the view advocated by & lsquo; shocking Tips & rdquo This person's motives. "

The Red Star News reporter learned that after the 'shocking tips' were exposed on the Internet a few days ago, the stickers did not seem to stop, and posted a proposal to the students in the library on June 8. However, the content is not for girls, but it is suggested that boys should not wear exposure. The signature of the' proposal 'is' volunteers for maintaining library order'.

According to the proposal, some male students have exuberant hair, and the tangled leg hair on their bare big and small legs not only affects the students' attention, but also easily attracts fleas and lice to stay & hellip; & hellip; male students wearing a single T-shirt will cause indecent chest phenomenon when stimulated by temperature, which is easy to lead to unconscious associations between male and female students and affect public learning. Lu Xun's "little miscellaneous feelings" is also quoted in the article 'at the sight of short sleeves, I immediately thought of white arms and naked & hellip; & hellip;'


It's not what the school did, and it doesn't recognize this notice

At about 11:40 p.m. on June 9, when the Red Star News reporter rushed to Yibin College for an interview, the library staff just received a report from a senior student and tore off a paper "a letter of proposal to the students in the library" from the door of a study room The staff said that neither the "proposal" nor the "shocking tips" previously reflected by students were done by the library or the school. However, the library is only open to students and teaching staff, excluding the possibility of social personnel entering the library, so it is analyzed as done by students.

Later, the relevant person in charge of Yibin University and the person in charge of the library said that such tips and proposals were not the work of the University, but they did not know who posted such notes. "The university is open and inclusive, and it is impossible for schools, teachers and the vast majority of students to have the ideas described in the content of & lsquo; Tips & rsquo;," said many teachers of Yibin University.

Some teachers believe that this prompt may also represent the personal opinions of very few students. If it does not affect others, it can be tolerated.