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How do people who are afraid of heights overcome their fear when flying? Five tips to overcome their

In our life, many people suffer from fear of heights. In fact, fear of heights itself is not a disease, but a psychological fear. So when we have to travel by plane, how should we overcome our inner fear?

Fear of heights is not a serious disease, just because you feel your heart beating faster and breathing harder when you are at a certain height. Generally speaking, fear of heights is a psychological problem and generally does not need treatment, but if it is very serious, it needs a series of scientific psychological counseling and adjustment.

When flying for the first time, we must complete certain psychological construction. For example, before taking a plane, check the relevant knowledge of the plane on the Internet. In fact, the plane is a very safe means of transportation. The probability of plane crash is very small, which is almost impossible, just like the middle school five hundred and one thousand. With these psychological construction, we can reduce a lot of tension.

1. The first time we fly, we can arrive at the airport two hours in advance, which can make us adapt to the feeling of flying soon. There is not much traffic at the airport, and the space is very open. You can get the plane ticket, check in your luggage, take a good rest, relax and get ready for the plane.

2. When you get on the plane, don't worry. You can chat with your peers and tell them that you are afraid of height. Generally, they will comfort you not to be afraid. Sometimes I feel nervous because I don't vent this negative emotion in my heart. Once you say it, it will be much better.

3. When we get on the plane, we put our luggage away according to the stewardess' requirements, and then sit down and have a rest to calm our mood. Also, if you are afraid of heights, you must not choose to sit near the window. Generally, you can choose a seat for your plane ticket. If you accidentally choose a seat near the window, you can contact the stewardess for exchange (of course, explain your reasons and obtain consent).

4. After getting on the plane, you can chew gum to relax. After the plane takes off, you can choose to calm your mood by sleeping. Many people who are afraid of heights will sleep on the plane and get off the plane. If you can't sleep, you can wear an eye mask, which will be much better.

5. Of course, reading or playing with a small toy can transfer your tension. Generally, if you feel afraid, it is entirely because you are too nervous. Once you relax, you don't feel so afraid. Finally, the plane is actually very safe. Don't scare yourself.