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Yuan Yawei's love affair exploded? Personal profile of Yuan Yawei

Original title: Yuan Yawei love exposure? The agent denied the netizen: the angle problem will be misunderstood

Recently, some netizens met yuan Yawei and a male friend at a hot pot restaurant in Beijing. The suspected relationship was exposed. On the same day, Yuan Yawei ate hot pot with a man and a woman at the same table. After another female friend at the same table was sent away, the male friend sat directly next to Yuan Yawei. Yuan Yawei leaned his head on his shoulder and pointed at the man with his fingers. When they left, the man put his hand on Yuan Yawei's back.

Some media verified yuan Yawei's agent. The other party denied that: "I was also there that day. That was our music director. Before, he had cooperation because of Yuan Yawei's concert. Then he came to Beijing and made an appointment to eat hot pot."

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Born on December 12, 1984 in Hongjiang City, Huaihua, Hunan Province, China, she is a creative female singer in neo soul, R B and jazz styles. She is the female lead singer of 'tha knutz', the only band in China that integrates R B, soul, hip hop and funk music styles based on jazz. Keen on soul music, R B and jazz. In 2012, he participated in the "good voice of China" competition of Zhejiang satellite TV and appeared in major music festivals after the competition. Yuan Yawei has cooperated with many musicians around the world, including Dave Stewart, Kelvin Avon, P. Diddy, Erykah Badu and Mario, as well as Zhang Yadong, Chang Shilei and Hu Yanbin. Representative works include you, me and you, and want to love. On the evening of February 6, 2016, Yuan Yawei participated in the annual finals of China Star. On September 29, 2018, he won the Golden Melody Award of 2018 Chinese song music festival with "say goodbye". On December 2, he won the title of honorary ambassador of Berkeley Conservatory of music in China. On December 24, the single "crazy call" was released.

On April 5, 2019, she participated in the variety show singer 2019. On April 19, the chorus single paint the clouds was released.