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How to spend June day with your girlfriend? These six strategies are the most romantic

Can June day only be children's day? In fact, both big friends and children have a childlike innocence. Although June 1 is children's day, adults can live it. Oh ~ so how should couples spend June 1 with their girlfriend? The following small series summarizes several small methods for you. Blue friends might as well try it~

How to spend June day with your girlfriend

1. Buy her a rainbow marshmallow and make her an innocent little public show!

2. Accompany her to the brightly lit playground in the evening, ride the carousel with her, and then take beautiful photos of her!

3. Buy her a star lollipop and hide her fantasies... Let her lie in your arms and listen to your story.

4. Accompany her back to her childhood residence and buy some of her favorite snacks when she was a child. They giggled and blew bubble gum at each other.

5. Satisfy her appetite for snacks, buy all her favorite snacks, and then go home and watch an animation with her on the sofa.

6. Take her to the ferris wheel in the evening to see the most beautiful scenery! Classic plot of soap opera~