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How much do you know about family first aid

There are always accidents like this in our daily life, and these accidents are inevitable. How can we deal with them better when encountering accidents? Let's see how much you know~

Nose bleeding

Don't look up if you have nosebleed. It's easy for blood to flow into the respiratory tract and cause suffocation.

The correct way is: if the child has nosebleed, the head should be kept upright or slightly forward, rather than backward or lying flat. Let the child sit on the chair or on the adult's knee, with the head slightly forward, and fill the cotton in the bleeding nostrils. If there is more than blood flow, seek medical attention immediately.

Eyes into things

Don't rub your eyes! It may cause foreign body to scratch your eyes or embed in your eyes, which will cause more damage to your eyes.

The right thing to do: take control of your hands. The eye enters the foreign body, closes the eye to turn the eyeball, lets the foreign body turn the corner of the eye to discharge. Eyes tired and dry, head back and blinking can be relieved. If you still feel unwell, see a doctor in time.

Acute sprain

Don't rub it with your hand if you have a sprain! It will accelerate internal bleeding instead.

The right thing to do: ice. It is beneficial to the contraction of blood vessels. After 48 hours of ice application, it can be replaced by heat application. Do the above treatment should be observed at the same time whether there is a fracture.


Do not apply toothpaste after scald! It will not have any effect, but will cause wound infection. In addition, it's not right to use soy sauce or soy sauce.

The correct way is to wash the scalded part with cold water immediately to prevent the skin damage caused by high temperature and reduce the risk of infection; if there is any skin damage, do not apply any substance on the wound, and cover the wound with clean dressing, gauze, towel or fresh-keeping film to protect the wound, and send it to the hospital immediately.

Throat acupuncture

Stab in throat? Do not drink vinegar or swallow food. It does not soften fish bones. Swallowing food may cause esophageal bleeding and other damage.

The correct way is: stop eating immediately, try to reduce the swallowing action of the child, put the tongue depressor or or chopsticks in the front two-thirds of the tongue and press gently. If you can see the fishbone in the throat, it is not big and not deep, you can carefully clamp it with forceps and slowly clip it out; if the fishbone is deep or not visible, you have to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Foreign body suffocation

Don't pick with your hand. Picking may make the foreign matter deeper and deeper.

The correct way is to use the heimrek method. There is a diaphragm between the abdominal cavity and the chest cavity. Pressing the abdomen can increase the abdominal pressure, and the diaphragm is squeezed upward, thus squeezing the chest cavity. If it's to save the child, let the child's head fall down, pat the child's back, and expel the foreign matters; for adults, hold the abdomen around the back and push it upward; if you're alone, you can hold the abdomen on the back of the chair; if the patient is unconscious, you can put the comatose person flat, and other people can press the abdomen to expel the foreign matters.