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Introduction to how to play novice tutorial for island action novice

Introduction to how to play novice tutorial of isolated island action isolated island action is a shooting mobile game. Recently, many players joined the game because of the closure of peace elite, so how should novices play? Island action novice introduction

1. Learn steel guns in low segments and tactics in high segments. Because there are many computers in the low section and more players at the same level, it is best to practice guns at this time. Don't jump from the enemy section to small and medium-sized resource areas such as wild area and r city. Directly choose military bases, port g and other places. It's good if you can practice steel guns one day and haven't lost. At the high segment, tactics are the most important! Gun steel is just a way of life.

2. It's not easy to learn tactics. Pull the gun line, detour and medical soldiers. This is very important. Many players who have played for several seasons have three fingers and four fingers. From the perspective of steel gun, Mengxin has lost several months of practical experience. But in terms of IQ, it is easier to improve than the former. It's not a bad thing to learn to pull the gun line, attack from behind, or be a medic for the team.

3. Stop firing after knocking down the enemy, reserve bullets to observe the movement of enemy teammates, and ensure that his teammates do not make up knives and change bullets in the back. Don't think it's a good thing to mend the knife directly. The operation of changing one after another soon after landing is not worth it. You and the box of enemies deduct almost the same points. And after the enemy fell to the ground, there was about a second of 'invincible state'!

4. If you often lose fire, you can adjust the position of your fire key and switch the fire mode to the first one. May be the culprit of your indiscriminate shooting! Don't apologize to your teammates every time because of this. Over time, no teammates dare to stay next to you.

5. When you are attacked by the enemy from a long distance, take the snake skin first and look at the small map with the remaining light! After grasping the position, choose the bunker and ask for help from your teammates.

6. Grenade is a good thing, including air blast mine, pre judgment mine, rebound mine, artificial mine area and jump mine. The damage is high and the range is large ~ compared with the gunshot, it is not easy to expose the target.

7. Smoke bomb is also a good thing. The higher the section, the more smoke will be brought. It can play a good role in saving people, closing roads and beating around.

8. When you are caught in front and back bags, don't think about killing one team and then playing another team. The skills of the team in the same section will not be worse than you. Four to eight is not a wise choice. Use smoke bombs to transfer as soon as possible.

9. Christmas mode, * * * refresh period! Sks is no worse than 98K, because there are too many level 3 heads, and the sks kill rate will be higher. Of course, if you have AWM, it's another matter.

10. If you are using a sniper like sks, try to start with the first shot and start with the second shot for the moving target. By the way, sks is a direct second kill, not in case!

11. The platoon pays attention to tactics. It is the immortal and the great God team that take the airport g port by one high section. Don't expand.

12. After being knocked down, climb to the bunker at the first time. Don't move if the enemy can't hit you. Wait for your teammates' smoke bombs. And judge whether it is easy to save. If you are cold, it is because of bad luck, but it is not advisable to shout out to your teammates to rescue by force. Don't bring this kind of luck to your teammate, it will pit him.

13. Don't learn the anchor's playing style. They have special training and are born to play games. Many people can keep up with their courage, but they can't keep up with their shooting. And in the age of software prevalence, can you guarantee that the anchor you watch will not be the next 55?

14. Residual blood level 3 head is always better than full blood level 2 head, don't you believe it? Just ask the 98K in the enemy's hand.

15. Before attacking the building, you must throw throwing items first, and then go on. Those with advanced armor, shotgun and submachine gun are preferred.

16. If two of the enemies fall to the ground, don't hesitate to drive directly, or you'll have to fight again in 15 seconds. The continuous cycle will only be an endless battle.

17. Long distance game between two teams, no more than 2 minutes! Because when you were fighting, yellow finches were staring at you nearby. The two teams pecked at each other. When the first team was destroyed, they came directly to harvest. They were unprepared!

18. Among the bunkers, high-rise buildings have the greatest advantage, followed by houses, anti slopes, walls, stones and trees. No shelter is the worst, Voldemort!

19. Many people beat few people. Players in the poison ring in the safety zone have bunkers to fight without bunkers, fight at the foot of the mountain, and old Yb fight the king of guns. These are absolute advantages. Make good use of the advantages, his express is yours.

20. If you find the enemy, but he doesn't find you, don't shoot for the head. Please tell your teammates and find out before playing, so that the enemy will not only fall to the ground, but also be directly compensated.