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Why did hulk and Banna merge into one

Why did hulk and Banna merge into one "the Avengers 4" is in hot release. In the film, the integration of hawk and banner surprised the audience. So why did hawk and banner merge into one? Let's have a look.

Why did hulk and Banna merge into one

In "Fu Lian 4", the superheroes were discouraged because they had failed to fight and destroy hegemony before. Banna left alone. After leaving, Banna was a little desperate and came into contact with gamma rays again. Before Banna became Hulk because he was exposed to gamma rays. Banna wanted to change back and become a normal person. At least he wanted to be one with hawk, so he wanted to try irradiating gamma rays again. Anyway, he couldn't beat the bully. It's better to change his life. The big deal is death.

So Banna began to experiment alone and re accept the changes of gamma rays. As a result, gamma rays really changed Banna and the Hulk again. This time Banna and the split hawk finally merged into one. Hawk not only has the ability and memory of hawk, but also can freely become the Hulk, and his sex should be much more cheerful.

Banner was originally a scientist who studied weapons for the U. S. military and fell in love with general Ross's daughter Betty. But Bruce Banner's father did an experiment on banner when he was a child, and banner knew nothing about it.

Due to an accident, Banna was shot by gamma rays emitted by agents to protect his girlfriend. The mysterious power of his father left in Banna was awakened. At first, banner would become a hulk at night and have no memory.

Later, as long as banner was excited, he would become Hulk. Moreover, hawk was childish and impatient. He was not controlled at all and had great destructive power. Sometimes hawk would refuse banner to appear. Therefore, banner wanted to integrate himself and hawk's consciousness into one.