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Which pair of Nike shoes is worth starting with? How is the ranking?

Who is the shoe brand that has been hot now? It should be Nike. You should have known Nike since middle school. As long as you see a tick, you will know that this is the symbol of Nike. I believe that many people like it more than feelings. So which pair of Nike shoes is worth starting with? How is the ranking? Let's look down.

10.Air Force 1 LOW

The classic degree and status of Nike Air Force 1 should not be introduced too much by Xiaobian here, right? In particular, the source of everything, the pure white AF1, and even many people think that only this pair of pure white AF1 can be called the real air force one. Some people say that today's Air Force 1 doesn't just belong to Nike. It belongs to the whole shoe industry and all shoe lovers. It has already become a symbol in the shoe culture. At the same time, it also represents a kind of retro, a kind of classic, a kind of cool and a kind of tide.

9.Air More Uptempo 'Obsidian'

The upper of this shoe is mainly composed of low-key and mysterious Obsidian color, supplemented by a little white lines. The air font on the shoe makes the topic atmosphere on the shoe less dull, giving people the feeling of a kind of vitality hidden in the night. Combined with the raw rubber outsole, the whole shoe has a little retro flavor. However, in terms of price, some popular color matching has risen to as much as 2000 yuan, but the price Xiaobian feels that it is actually a little empty and should change in a short time, so if you want to start, you can wait and see.

8.Dunk SB Low TRD

The sb Series in Nike shoes sounds like swearing & hellip; Ha ha ~ in fact, the sb series is designed by Nike specifically for the sport of skateboarding. It is probably to tell you that Vance is not the only skateboarding shoe, but Nike can do the same. Sb series is characterized by thickened tongue. This design greatly increases the overall comfort of the shoes, and the air cushion in the shoes also makes the wearer feel the feeling of sports. The sb introduced today is Xiaobian's personal favorite in terms of color matching. The two colors of white and gray make the shoes look more youthful and energetic as a whole, which is very suitable for street skateboarding.

7.Off-White x Nike Blazer

Like the sb series above, this blazer is also one of Nike's skateboarding shoes. In the early generation of the ten, this pair of Blazers also brought this classic shoe back to everyone's vision. The Nike logo on the shoe, which is enlarged and extends to the midsole, is already very eye-catching. Moreover, its simple and clear design makes this pair of Blazers a classic in this series. Otherwise, how could Nike push so many dual Blazers in the follow-up?

6. Air jordan 1 Tiffany green

As a milk green and milk green aj1, it is the love of all AJ girls. In fact, not only girls, but also some boys with little pink in their hearts are very fond of this aj1. This overall color matching without a trace of black makes the fresh light green and clean white on the shoes look particularly sweet and natural, and also reveals a sense of freedom, which is completely different from the feeling of sweating on the court.

5.Air Foamposite One Copper

This copper color of copper is recognized as one of the most temperament colors in Nike foam series so far. It not only has the gorgeous of noble metal, but also has the low-key of copper color. When equipped with foam, this shoe itself has a sense of future science and technology. Who can refuse it? Once this color spray foam was released in 2017, many fans fell into a panic buying frenzy. It is worth mentioning that so far, this copper has been on sale for exactly two years.

4.Air Jordan 11 Low University Blue

In AJ series, North Carolina blue is a kind of blue with special significance. It is the color of Jordan's jersey when he was studying at North Carolina University. This aj11 is just to pay tribute to Jordan, so it launched this color matching. North Carolina blue patent leather with white upper and white midsole with light blue crystal bottom will undoubtedly be the most dazzling pair of shoes this spring. Even in the next summer, this refreshing North Carolina blue color will still be your best choice when you go out of the street.

3. Off white x Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago '

In all the series jointly signed by Nike and off white, this pair of aj1 Chicago must be the most successful signature shoe, right? The inspiration of this shoe comes from the pair of Chicago at Jordan's feet. During the design, the designer not only retained the original Chicago details, but also added some avant-garde design language to these elements. Such a shoe can be called the perfect model of CO branded shoes in recent years in terms of conceptual design and influence. At the beginning of the sale of these shoes, they directly detonated the secondary market like a bomb, and the price of tens of thousands of gold yards reached an unprecedented height at that time. And it is from this pair of shoes that 'Deconstruction design' has become a popular design element in the current sneaker industry.

2.lebron11Gamma Blue

If you are Jamie, you will like nike lebron shoes. This lebron11gamma blue is currently Jamie's favorite sneaker in this series. The futuristic design and refreshing color matching make you have a strong sense of contrast. Even if you wear such a pair of shoes on your feet, you will have the idea of reluctant to use it to play. And it is true that many shoe friends did what they did when they received this pair of shoes, which was to wipe it carefully, and then put it in the shoe cabinet. They would take it out and wear it only at major events.

1. Air jordan 1 no wear

For those friends who believe that basketball shoes should die on the court, I think this pair of forbidden shoes should be the feelings of all of you? As Nike's most famous AJ series, it is not only the first color matching in that year, but also the first color shoes that appeared on the NBA court in that year. In that year, the NBA stipulated that in order to let the audience see the ball rather than the players' feet, all players must wear black or white shoes at that time, or they will be fined. And in the animation of dunk master, this pair of forbidden basketball shoes is also the first pair of protagonists. In this way, we have a pair of significant sneakers. I think anyway, everyone should have an idea to start it.

In fact, the reason why a pair of shoes can become meaningful and valuable is entirely because we still have the kind of moving and original heart in our hearts. Do you like any of these shoes? Or if you have any other different opinions, you are also welcome to leave comments to Xiaobian below~