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List of judges of Magnolia Award complete list of judges of 2019 Magnolia Award

List of judges of Magnolia Award complete list of judges of 2019 Magnolia Award Recently, the list of the judges of the 25th Shanghai Magnolia Award in 2019 was announced, and the posters of the Shanghai TV Festival were released. The actors in the list include Ma Yili, director Zhang Yongxin, etc. Let's see the complete list below.

At the press conference, the full list of the jury of the Magnolia Award of the Shanghai TV Festival was announced. Among them, director Gao Xixi is the chairman of the jury of the TV drama unit of the White Magnolia Award. Gao Xixi has won the flying award, Golden Eagle Award, Huabiao award and other awards. He also has the experience of being nominated for the best director of the Magnolia Award of Shanghai TV Festival three times. The Three Kingdoms directed by him won the White Magnolia Award and the silver award of Chinese TV series in the 17th Shanghai TV Festival in 2011. For inviting Gao Xixi to be the chairman of the jury, Fu Wenxia, director of Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Center, said, "every year, our judges invite senior professionals in the industry, have authority and influence in the industry, and have won many awards in various domestic awards. The selection of chairman is the same standard."

Chen Tong, screenwriter, Huang Zhizhong, Ma Yili and director Zhang Yongxin will be the judges of the Chinese TV drama unit of the Magnolia Award TV drama category. In the last Magnolia Award, Ma Yili won the post viewing title just by virtue of "the first half of my life"; The judges of overseas TV drama units are American producer and screenwriter Zach & middot; Stanz and Portuguese producer and director Lionel & middot; Vieira served as. American producer Mark middot; Edward will be the chairman of the jury of the documentary of the Magnolia Award, with Chinese director Fu Hongxing and Japanese producer and director OTA kogu as the judges. Huo Wendong, an American producer and senior animation consultant, will be the chairman of the animation jury of the Magnolia Award. Japanese producer Yantian and Chinese animation director Liu Kuo will be the animation judges on Wednesday.

This TV Festival will be held from June 10 to 14 this year. Fu Wenxia said that this Shanghai TV Festival has received nearly 1000 registered works from 52 countries and regions around the world, exceeding the previous ones. Among them, the number of applications for overseas dramas has nearly doubled over last year. At present, the preliminary evaluation of the four categories of White Magnolia Award TV dramas, documentaries, cartoons and variety shows has been carried out. After the shortlist is generated, the jury of white magnolia award will conduct centralized selection during the TV Festival. The winning list will be announced at the 'White Magnolia Bloom' award ceremony held on June 14.

The press conference also announced the posters of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival. The poster adopts the TV signal test spectrum of large color block as the main tone, and multiple color spectra are connected before and after, closely combining the audience's visual feeling with the colorful screen. The image of Magnolia in the picture is derived, and the outline is embedded in the color spectrum. The mixing and blending of the two visual elements symbolizes the mission of the TV Festival to "inherit the classics, never forget the original heart, keep pace with the times and face the future".

In 2019, the "light fund" reading public welfare activity was also launched on the same day, aiming to cultivate rural children's reading interests and habits, improve their autonomous learning ability, and hope that rural children can become talents with correct values, open world outlook, independent thinking and personality. The Shanghai TV Festival has also added many new initiatives and activities. As one of the important activities, the Internet Film and television summit will be held from June 11 to June 12. It is divided into summit dialogue, internet film and television boutique forum, internet film and television boutique Festival, IP Venture Capital Conference and other activity boards. Among them, the Internet Film and television boutique forum has set up a short video theme for the first time, Comic IP was also introduced into the collection scope of IP Venture Capital Conference for the first time.