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How to calculate individual income tax? Latest individual income tax rate list individual income tax

The new individual income tax has been implemented at the beginning of this year. Under the new individual income tax system, the algorithm of individual income tax is different from before. From this year, the calculation method of withholding and prepayment and statistics of the next year is adopted. However, there are still many people who don't know how to calculate individual income tax. This article brings you a list of specific individual income tax rates, as well as algorithm examples and algorithm formulas. Let's see how to calculate it.

01 provisions of the tax law

Under the new individual income tax system, the individual income tax algorithm is really different from before. In the past, the individual income tax was calculated separately every month, but the calculation method of monthly withholding and prepayment and unified calculation of excess refund and Deficiency Compensation in the next year has been adopted since 2019. In other words, it is calculated and paid once a month. The difference is that the algorithm is changed from single month data to cumulative data. The specific formula is:

Withholding tax payable in this month = (accumulated withholding tax income in this month * withholding tax rate - quick calculation deduction) - accumulated tax deduction - accumulated withholding tax

Accumulated taxable income to be withheld in this month = accumulated income - accumulated tax exempt income - accumulated expenses deducted - accumulated special deductions - accumulated special additional deductions - accumulated other deductions determined according to law

Including: accumulated expenses deducted = 5000 * months

Withholding tax rate table:

Are you dizzy? Or examples are clearer.

02 calculation example

1. Zhang San's salary in January 2019 is 30000 yuan, and all deductions are 3000 yuan in total

Withholding tax of this month

=(30000-5000-3000)*3% - 0

=22000 * 3%


Note: the total income after deducting expenses and deductions is 22000. It can be seen from the above withholding tax rate table that the applicable tax rate is 3%

2. Zhang San's salary in February 2019 is 32000 yuan, and all deductions are 4000 yuan in total

Accumulated withholding tax in this month




Total withholding tax payable in February = accumulated in this month - accumulated in last month

=1980 - 660=1320

3. Zhang San's salary in March 2019 was 35000, and all deductions totaled 6000 yuan

Accumulated withholding tax in March

=(35000-5000-6000+45000)*10% - 2520



Note: total accumulated withholding tax in March = accumulated in this month - accumulated in last month

= 4380-1980 =2400

See here is not in the heart to say: so complex, so complex! Everyone does it this way. If hundreds of people in the company do it, don't be tired... Of course, there are simple methods. Next, combined with the payroll, let's introduce the setting method of the withholding tax formula for each month in 2019.

03 excel formula for individual income tax calculation

Setting steps:

1. Payroll adjustment

The original individual income tax column of the payroll is changed to 3 columns, which are cumulative withholding income payable, cumulative tax amount and withholding tax payable in this month. (please name the column title by yourself)

2. Formula setting

Payroll formula of January:

D2 (accumulated income)


E2 (accumulated tax amount of this month)


F2 (amount to be withheld in this month)


Payroll formula of February:

D2 (accumulated income)

=B2-5000-c2 + iferror (vlookup (A2, \'january payroll \ '! A: D, 4,0), 0)

Note: use vlookup to find the accumulated withholding and payable income of the previous month

E2 (accumulated tax amount of this month)


Note: the formula is the same as that of last month

F2 (amount to be withheld in this month)

=E2-iferror (vlookup (A2, \'january payroll \ '! A: F, 5,0), 0)

Note: deduction in this month = accumulated individual income tax payable in this month - accumulated amount in last month

The payroll of other months is the same as that of February. You only need to change the worksheet referenced in the formula to the previous month. If the payroll for April is made, the February in the formula can be changed to March.