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Do you need sunscreen in spring? How to choose sunscreen in spring?

Ultraviolet rays are strong in summer, so many people use sunscreen in summer. Do you need sunscreen only in summer? Do you use it in spring? Do you wear sunscreen in spring? The answer is yes, of course, sunscreen in spring, and sunscreen in spring is very important. If you don't do a good job in sunscreen in spring, you are likely to turn black before summer. Sunburn is part of the season. Although other seasons may not be as strong as summer ultraviolet rays and are not easy to tanning, UVA and UVB in ultraviolet rays will cause damage to the skin, which is the long spot and aging of the skin. This is also an important reason why sunscreen should be used in other seasons. So how to sunscreen in spring? How to choose sunscreen in spring? This article brings you the methods of sunscreen and sunscreen selection in spring. Let's have a look.

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Do you use sunscreen in spring?

Sunscreen in spring is very necessary. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. The minimum amount of ultraviolet rays in winter, coupled with more clothes, insulates the skin from contact with the sun, so the skin will restore its whiteness.

2. Ultraviolet rays begin to increase again in spring, and the amount of ultraviolet rays will suddenly increase from April to May.

3. Many people unknowingly hurt their faces by ultraviolet rays, causing their skin to darken day by day.

4. Sunscreen and protective clothing for the skin are the most basic defense measures to prevent light aging and pigment.

5. Ultraviolet rays in spring are stronger than those in summer. Ultraviolet rays in spring can go deep into the dermis and destroy collagen, elastic fibers and even fibroblasts.

6. Spring sunshine is also a big killer that causes skin aging and spots on the skin surface.

Sunscreen method in spring

1. Drink more vegetable juice or fruit juice. For example, we can choose to drink some vitamin C rich drinks such as tomato juice, orange juice, cucumber juice or milk, which can inhibit the generation of melanin in the body, especially tomato juice, which is the green food with the best sunscreen effect among vegetables

2. Wear sunscreen for traveling and outing. With the arrival of spring and the gradual rise of temperature, many people like to go to the street or travel directly with sleeves, especially girls. It is recommended to wear long sleeves or sunscreen clothes directly, so as to reduce the skin area in contact with ultraviolet rays and reduce the possibility of sunburn.

3. Go out to hold an umbrella or wear a sun hat. Try to choose a sunshade or sunshade hat with strong UV resistance, so as to avoid skin sunburn by UV to the greatest extent.

4. Eat less' absorbent 'food. For example, soy sauce, leeks, oranges, coriander, coffee and so on. For female friends who want to whiten, they should pay more attention to eating less of these foods at ordinary times. They are all the banes of whitening.

5. Use sunscreen properly when going out. Before going out, wipe some skin care products with moisturizing or sunscreen to minimize the degree of UV sunburn.

Correct choice of sunscreen in spring

1. Do an accurate skin test before buying. For oily skin, water-based sunscreen with strong permeability and oil-free formula should be selected. For dry skin, sunscreen with moisturizing effect and enhancing skin immunity should be selected. For neutral skin, emulsion sunscreen can be used.

2. Calculate the SPF value. In general, people with ordinary skin color should choose spf8 to 12. People with fair skin are recommended to choose SPF30 sunscreen. For people who are allergic to light, the SPF value should be between 12 and 20.

3. Before purchase, you can try it on the inside of your wrist. If your skin is red, swollen, painful and itchy within 10 minutes, it indicates that you have allergic reaction to this product. You can try a product with a multiple lower than this sunscreen index. If you still have a reaction, you'd better give up the sunscreen of this brand.