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How to judge whether there is auto insurance? What is the impact after the car insurance? Claims exp

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Now cars are becoming more and more common, and more and more people drive. We all know that in order to prevent heavy losses caused by traffic accidents, people who buy cars will buy insurance for cars. But many people don't know whether they should get out of car insurance after traffic. This article brings you the method of judging whether there is auto insurance and the impact of auto insurance. Let's have a look at it together.

The third fee reform policy of auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance premium = benchmark premium & times; No compensation preferential treatment coefficient & times; Independent underwriting coefficient & times; Independent channel coefficient & times; Traffic violation coefficient

1. The benchmark premium of each vehicle owner is determined, which is related to the vehicle model and vehicle year;

2. No compensation preferential treatment coefficient and traffic violation coefficient (only in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Jiangsu) are related to the number of claims and violations of the owner;

3. The independent underwriting coefficient and independent channel coefficient are determined by the pricing system of the insurance company. Generally, high-quality customers will be given the lower limit.

According to the above table, we can find that the one-time settlement of claims still has a large impact on the premium fluctuation.

How to judge whether there is an accident?

1. First identify whose responsibility it is

If you are not responsible, it will not affect the premium, so please don't take the responsibility easily when dividing the responsibility, otherwise you will be distressed to buy insurance next year.

If you are responsible and need the insurance company to settle the claim, it will certainly affect the premium of the next year.

2. Loss within 2000 yuan

The settlement of claims of compulsory traffic insurance does not affect the premium of commercial insurance. The premium of compulsory traffic insurance and commercial insurance is calculated separately. If it is only compulsory traffic insurance, the number of claims will only affect the preference of compulsory traffic insurance, not the insurance discount of commercial insurance the next year.

The maximum compensation for property loss caused by compulsory traffic insurance to the third party is 2000 yuan. When the property loss of the third party is less than 2000 yuan, the number of claims of commercial insurance will not be involved. Calculated according to the benchmark premium of 950 yuan, if there are two or more accidents in the previous year, the premium in the next year will rise by 10% to 1045 yuan. If there is no accident in the previous year, the premium in the next year will fall by 10% to 855 yuan, It can be seen that the impact of the occurrence of compulsory traffic insurance on the premium amount is very limited, so the claim of compulsory traffic insurance basically does not need to consider the increase of fees in the next year.

Therefore, unless the accident is small enough to scratch the other party's paint and repair the paint, it is obviously more cost-effective to settle claims with traffic compulsory insurance than 'private'.

3. For losses above 2000, commercial insurance claims shall be considered

When the other party loses more than 2000 yuan, or the vehicle needs to be compensated, it has to use commercial insurance. If, after the second claim settlement every year, the premium will rise by more than 1000 yuan in the coming year! Therefore, if it is a small accident that can be solved with hundreds of yuan, it is recommended not to use commercial insurance.

4. The more claims are settled in that year, the less cost-effective it is to take insurance for small accidents.

For example, if the owner accidentally bumps into a third-party car, he will be fully responsible. The loss of the car is 300 and the loss of the third party is 2200. If the insurance company handles it normally, it will pay 2000 yuan for the third party from the traffic compulsory insurance, 300 yuan for the vehicle damage insurance in the commercial insurance and 200 yuan for the third party insurance. In this case, it is recommended that the owner apply to the insurance company for the traffic compulsory insurance and give up the claim for commercial insurance, This will not affect the discount of commercial insurance premium next year, only the premium of compulsory insurance will rise by 10%.

5. If you are not sure whether you want to claim, you can report the case first and suspend the payment of compensation

Claim settlement experts suggest that when the loss is small or it is difficult to judge whether to claim, you might as well go through the procedures of reporting and determining the loss first, so as to avoid the exorbitant asking price of the repair shop and the third party in the maintenance process, but do not apply to the insurance company for a claim for the time being. When the insurance cycle is coming to an end, you can comprehensively consider the accident situation, loss amount The next year's premium increase, and then decide whether to claim.

Give me a simple formula:

Compensate the third party for less than 2000 yuan and take compulsory insurance;

Compensate the third party for less than 3000 yuan, take compulsory insurance for 2000 yuan, and give up the claim for commercial insurance;

Compensate yourself for more than 1000 yuan and take commercial insurance;

Compensate the third party for more than 3000 yuan and take commercial insurance;

The above suggestions are only for ordinary vehicles. After all, the premium of each vehicle is different. It still needs to be analyzed on a case by case basis.

What is the impact of auto insurance?

1、 Compulsory insurance

The premium of one-time compulsory insurance for transportation is only 30% higher at most (for example, 30% discount this year, and no discount next year for one-time insurance). For ordinary family sedans with less than 6 seats, the new car premium of compulsory insurance is 950 yuan, and there will be a rise of 285 yuan at most once.

2、 Commercial insurance

If it is an old car for more than 3 years and has not been insured for 3 consecutive years, the premium this year will be issued at 52.25% of the standard premium. Other conditions:

1. If there is no accident last year, the premium this year is 57% of the standard premium;

2. The first-time insurance was issued last year, and the premium this year is 66.5% of the standard premium;

3. The insurance was issued twice last year, and the premium will be issued at 95% of the standard premium this year; By analogy, the third insurance is 104.5%;

4. The secondary insurance is 123.5%; 5 times insurance is 142.5%; 171% for 6 times or more.

For example, if your car is a new car of last year, the premium of last year is 95% of the standard premium. Assuming that you haven't had any insurance in the first year, the premium after 57% discount in the second year is 6348.5 yuan. Suppose you had one insurance in the first year, the premium would be 7406.5 yuan, and the premium for two insurance would be 10580 yuan