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Living room chandelier how to clean crystal chandelier Cleaning Tips

Living room chandelier how to clean crystal chandelier Cleaning Tips in addition to the use function, the chandelier in the living room also has the function of decoration. Many friends will choose a larger crystal chandelier to make the living room look bright. However, the chandelier in the living room is very troublesome to clean. Don't worry. Xiaobian has cleaning tips. Let's have a look.

Cleaning method of living room lamp

1. When cleaning the living room lamp, you can wipe it gently with a soft rag. You can't use too much force or rub it back and forth indiscriminately, which is easy to cause the fragmentation of the lamp body. Be sure to wear cotton gloves and move gently. Do not move the parts in the lamp at will. When cleaning at home, pay attention to cut off the power supply first. Never wipe the lamp holder with a wet towel to prevent electric leakage.

2. The living room lamp will have a lampshade. When cleaning the lampshade, you can use a clean chicken feather duster to remove the dust, and then wipe it with a rag.

3. When cleaning the support and accessories of the living room lamp, the rag shall not be stained with water to avoid damaging the protective film outside the electroplating layer and affecting the surface gloss effect of the lamp support.

Maintenance of living room lamp

1. The use environment of living room lamps should be as clean and dry as possible. Pay attention to dust removal and cleaning at home. Creating a comfortable environment is not only conducive to health, but also makes the living room lamps add a lot of points to the home.

2. Do not scrub lamps with water or organic solution during normal cleaning. And in the decoration, we should pay attention to that although the living room lamp is very beautiful, it is only suitable for installation in the living room. Don't install it in the bathroom because you like its beauty, otherwise it will be damaged due to moisture. The living room lamp will corrode in wet places and affect its service life.

3. Do not let sharp or hard objects touch the lamp to prevent scratching the surface of the living room lamp.

4. The firmness of the lamp body connector shall be checked regularly. If it is found that the screw is loose, it shall be tightened by hand. The screw with sliding tooth risk shall be replaced immediately to ensure safety.