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How to fold thick clothes to save space

How to fold thick clothes to save space the weather is getting warmer and warmer. People begin to put away their winter clothes, but the winter clothes are thick and heavy, which takes up a lot of space. How can they stack so thick clothes to save space? Thick clothes are the most space-saving folding method. Let's learn it together.

Now it's warm again, and it's time to put away your winter clothes. But the clothes in winter are thick and big. They fill the wardrobe without two. So how to fold thick clothes in winter to save space? Today, we will introduce the folding methods of down jacket, thick coat and sweater, which can save a lot of space.

Down Jackets

Button up the down jacket, squeeze out the gas in the down jacket, and buckle the down jacket in the middle into four folds. Fix the sleeves in the middle of the down jacket. Fold down the bottom in half for 3 times. The folded down jacket can be fixed with a hat. At this time, the down jacket is much smaller. Squeeze out the gas in the down jacket with your knees, and store the down jacket in a compressed bag or sealed bag. However, the gas in the compressed bag should not be completely drained to avoid the hardening of the feathers of the down jacket.


Turn up the bottom of the sweater, cross the sleeves in the middle, and then fold them in three sections along the neckline. Fold the sweater in half twice, then turn the bottom bend over and wrap the sweater in half. This kind of tofu sweater not only won't be disorderly and fall down, but also covers a small area.

Thick coat

Button up your coat and zip it up. Then turn the bottom of the coat up to the armpit. Then fold the sleeves over the chest, and then fold the hat over. Fold the coat along the zipper from the center. Fold it again along the middle. Finally, turn the bottom of the coat upside down and wrap the whole dress. No matter how heavy the coat is, it all becomes a small piece of tofu, and it doesn't scatter at all. It's very easy to store and tidy up.