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What new mobile phones will be released in April? During the new product launch of major mobile phon

Since 2019, major mobile phone manufacturers have been releasing new products. However, in April, a large number of new mobile phone products will be released this month. What brand of new mobile phone products will be released in April? This article brings you the new product launch time of major mobile phone brands in April and the introduction of new mobile phones to be released. Let's see which one attracts you most.

April 1 - Xiaomi's "believe it or not" face-to-face meeting

On April 1, Xiaomi held a "believe it or not" face-to-face meeting, and launched Xiaomi 9 Wangyuan limited edition, Xiaomi 9 se brown bear limited edition set, 5 suitcases, Mijia pressure IH rice cooker 1s, Mijia sweeping robot 1s, Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner, Mijia temperature and humidity monitoring electronic watch, Mijia helmet protector set, Xiaomi family walkie talkie 2, Mijia children's anti blue light goggles Mijia anti blue light goggles, Mijia anti blue light goggles pro, Xiaomi notebook 15.6 inches, Xiaomi notebook air 12.5 inches 18 new products, and also released Mijia intelligent running shoes with automatic shoelaces, Mijia multifunctional electric cooking pot, Mijia wall breaking cooking machine, Mijia junneng neutral pen that can write four times around the football field, and five special April Fool's day new products of Xiaomi No. 1 rocket.

April 2 - Nokia x71 press conference

Nokia x71 was released on April 2. It mainly focuses on hole digging screen + Cai sisan photography. It costs 2199 yuan for 6 + 64GB version and 2699 yuan for 6 + 128GB version.

The Nokia x71 adopts a hole digging screen design for the first time. The screen is 6.39 inches, accounting for 93% of the screen. It is equipped with Xiaolong 660, equipped with 6 + 128GB storage, 16 million front + 48 million rear main camera + 8 million ultra wide angle + 5 million deep Cai Si San camera, with a battery capacity of 3500mah, supports 18W fast charging, and runs the native Android 9 system.

April 8 - Nubia & alpha; release conference

Nubia & alpha; It is the world's first soft screen mass production intelligent product and the world's first innovative product of "mobile phone + wristwatch". The Earl Black version is 3499 yuan and the 18K gold-plated version is 4499 yuan.

Nubia & alpha; Equipped with 4-inch flexible screen with a resolution of 960 & times; 192. It is equipped with Xiaolong wear 2100, equipped with 1 + 8GB storage and a battery capacity of 500mah. It is officially said that the daily use is about 1-2 days and the lasting mode is about 1 week. It supports ESIM technology, reaches strategic cooperation with China Unicom, supports online application for ESIM 'No. 1 dual terminal' and 'independent number' services, and supports 4G calls.

April 10 - oppo Reno series press conference

On April 10, oppo's new series Reno was officially released with many highlights.

Oppo Reno provides Xiaolong 710 Standard Version and Xiaolong 855 10x zoom version. The Standard Version starts at 2999 yuan and the 10x zoom version starts at 3999 yuan.

The 10 times zoom version of Xiaolong 855 is equipped with a 6.6-inch panoramic screen, accounting for 93.1%. The front side rotary lifting camera provides two colors of fog sea green and extreme night black. Equipped with Xiaolong 855, it provides up to 8 + 256gb storage, 4065mah battery, supports copper tube liquid cooling heat dissipation, 16 million front + 48 million rear main camera + 13 million periscope telephoto + 8 million ultra wide-angle triple camera, and supports 10 times zoom, Pre installed coloros 6.

The snapdragon 710 Standard Edition is equipped with a 6.4-inch panoramic screen, providing 6 + 128 / 256gb and 8 + 256gb storage, with a battery capacity of 3765 MAH, 16 million front + 48 million rear HD dual cameras, pre installed with a new coloros 6 system, support for a new breeno intelligent assistant, and a game boost 2.0 acceleration engine.

April 10 - Samsung A80 press conference

The Samsung A80 is a new pop-up flip three camera. The design of the machine is unique. It is equipped with Xiaolong 730 and priced at 649 euros (about 4915 yuan). Obviously, the price is high and the processor lags behind.

The Samsung A80 is equipped with a 6.7-inch full screen and no back screen. When self shooting is required, the rear 48 million main camera + 8 million wide-angle + 3D TOF depth of field three shots, the pop-up structure rises, and the rear camera can be used as the front camera by turning 180 degrees.

The machine is also equipped with Xiaolong 730, which provides 8 + 128GB storage, 3700mah battery capacity, supports 25W fast charging, pre installed Android 9 pie oneui system, and supports Samsung pay, Bixby, etc.

April 11 - Huawei P30 series National Bank press conference

At the P30 series press conference, Huawei brought 9 new products such as P30, P30 pro, Huawei matebook x pro and Huawei matebook 14.

The P30 is equipped with a 6.1-inch pearl screen, a new generation of on-screen fingerprint technology, which increases the unlocking speed by 30%. It is equipped with Kirin 980, which provides 8 + 64 / 128 / 256gb multiple storage, 32 million front + 48 million rear wide-angle + 16 million ultra wide-angle + 8 million long focus Leica three camera, 3650mah battery capacity, supports 22.5w super fast charging, pre installed emui 9.1, and the first new GPU turbo technology, Support dual sim card and ultra micro memory card design.

The P30 Pro is equipped with a 6.47-inch display screen, on-screen fingerprint + Huawei magnetic suspension sound screen technology, and also equipped with Kirin 980, which provides up to 8 + 256gb storage, 32 million front + 40 million rear wide-angle + 20 million ultra wide-angle + 800 periscope telephoto + TOF depth of field Leica four cameras, with a battery capacity of 4200mah, supporting 40W super fast charging, 15W Huawei wireless fast charging, reverse charging, and ultra-low delay Bluetooth technology Intelligent dual card switching and other practical functions.

The starting price of P30 series is 3988 yuan, and the package version is up to 7188 yuan.

In addition to P30 and P30 pro, Huawei has also released three notebook computers, as well as the new Huawei watch GT, Huawei freelace wireless headset, Huawei gentlemaster eyewear smart glasses and 12000mah 40W super fast charging mobile power supply.

April 17 - glory 20i press conference

Huawei has announced that it will release glory 20i on April 17, focusing on 32 million beauty selfie, known as the 'selfie artifact'.

According to the official announcement, glory 20i will adopt pearl screen + gradient design, or equipped with Kirin 710 and support GPU turbo technology.

April 23 - Lenovo Z6 Pro press conference

Lenovo announced that Lenovo Z6 Pro will be released on April 23, equipped with Xiaolong 855 and supporting 5g network.

It is reported that Lenovo Z6 Pro will be equipped with Xiaolong 855, support 5g network, and also have functions such as hyper video, super macro, super anti shake, super wide-angle function, super night view and super slow motion.

April 25 - Glory 20 pro (uncertain)

It is reported that glory will launch glory 20 pro on the 25th of this month, with Kirin 980, rear three photos and customized flagship.

According to the disclosure, glory 20 Pro is equipped with 6.1-inch OLED display, Kirin 980, up to 8 + 256gb storage, 48 million three photos in the rear, and supports off screen fingerprints.

April 29 - Meizu 16S series press conference

Previously, there was news that Meizu may release Meizu 16S series on April 29.

According to Huang Zhang, Meizu 16S will be equipped with a 6.2-inch bangless comprehensive screen, standard Corning sixth generation gorilla glass, Xiaolong 855, 48 million Sony imx586 dual camera, OIS optical anti shake + Super night view, and 3600mAh battery, but it will not support wireless charging and NFC function.

In addition to Meizu 16S, Meizu may also bring Meizu 16S plus with a larger screen, Xiaolong 855 and new wireless charging.

Red Devils March April

According to the former Master Lu's data, red devil 3 is equipped with Xiaolong 855 processor, 8 + 128GB storage, and the comprehensive score is 406129.

According to Ni Fei, the red devil 3 has both air and liquid cooling. It will also be equipped with the highest operating memory in the industry and a screen far exceeding the refresh rate of PC display. It will upgrade more than one level of high-capacity battery compared with the previous generation. It is equipped with 4-finger physical keys as standard and 4D linear motor upgrade. The battery capacity starts with '5'.

The above is a summary of the new mobile phones that are known to be released and have been released in April. What are you most excited about or looking forward to?