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These methods are simple and practical

Most women in life want whitening. How can they be convenient and whitening? You can skillfully use your resources to make your own mask and make yourself more beautiful.

1. Beer whitening method

Beer has a variety of beauty and skin care functions, which can not only tighten pores, but also effectively whiten. Just take a small amount of beer and put it in the bowl, then use the cotton yarn or cotton pad to immerse in the beer, wring it gently and apply it to the face. After half an hour, the water is dried up and then repeated several times according to the steps before, so that the skin will become smooth and smooth.

2. Egg white whitening method

Before going to bed, apply a thin layer of egg white on the clean face (note that the skin is not tight and collapse as the standard, because the tight collapse condition is convenient for wrinkles). After that, rinse it with clean water, and you will find that the skin is particularly elastic. (valid for personal test)

3. Cucumber milk whitening method

Soak the thinly sliced cucumber slices in milk for ten minutes. Take them out and apply them to your face first. They have excellent whitening results.

Note: milk and cucumber must be fresh.

4. Tomato honey whitening method

Mash the tomatoes, put them into a bowl, squeeze out the juice with a spoon, add a little honey, wipe the machine and arms, and wash with water after 20 minutes. Several times a day can gradually whiten the skin.

5. Watermelon juice beauty

First apply watermelon to the face. Watermelon contains a variety of vitamins, which can not only nourish the skin, but also moisturize the skin.

6. Wash your face with rice washing water

Many people must have heard of the whitening trick of washing your face with rice washing water. Yes, this trick is the most simple and practical. When you wash rice, you can keep the rice washing water. Then, first wash your face or use it with facial cleanser. The whitening result is very good. Of course, the most important thing is to insist on it. The result of one or two days must be poor.

7. Wash your face with white vinegar water

White vinegar has good whitening results. Try washing your face with white vinegar water, especially for people with oily skin. This trick is the most practical. Just add a spoonful of white vinegar to the warm water you wash your face. To soften the cuticle of your face and help you construct fine, tender and white skin.

If you want whitening, you can make some whitening facial mask at home.

1. Homemade tofu Whitening Mask

If you use the remaining tofu pieces when cooking, try making homemade facial mask. Tofu has a high moisturizing and whitening effect. If you use it often, you can see that the skin becomes white and tender after a month.

Ingredients: proper amount of tofu


1. Wash your hands and put the tofu in the palm of your hand.

2. Gently knead the tofu, then apply the tofu paste to the face and massage gently.

3. Wash after 15 ~ 20 minutes.

Two. Homemade honey mask

Make the skin bright and clean, improve the dark phenomenon of the skin, reduce melanin, honey and egg white can also effectively nourish the skin.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons egg white and 2 tablespoons cereal


1. Mix honey, egg white and cereal evenly.

2. Use a small brush to smear the mask evenly on the face.

3. Rinse with clean water after 20 minutes.

Honey has excellent moisturizing property, can remove dryness and make the skin shiny. When used with other materials at the same time, the effect is also good.

Three. Homemade carrot mask

Carrot is rich in vitamin A, carrot mask can effectively improve the skin rough and dark phenomenon, sooner or later each application once, after 10 days of continuous use, the face will be white and tender.

Material: a carrot


1. Peel the carrots and beat them into juice.

2. Apply carrot juice evenly on your face and wash after 10 ~ 20 minutes.

When using the whitening holy carrot, remember to peel it, filter the fruit residue after juice, and leave the juice for better effect.

In order to make the skin especially good, we must remember to go through this whitening trick in life to make ourselves very healthy. Therefore, for some girls who love beauty, we must remember to go through some correct ways to take care of our body, especially some whitening tips are also very good, To make yourself beautiful.