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How do you fold a shirt? It won't wrinkle. How do you fold a shirt correctly

How do you fold a shirt? It won't wrinkle. How do you fold a shirt correctly shirts are essential clothes for professionals, but if the clothes are not folded well, the shirts will wrinkle when worn again, affecting the image. How can they not be folded? Let's look at the correct way to fold shirts!

Method 1

1. Put the shirt in a flat place.

2. Button up all the buttons on the shirt. The button up shirt is easier to fold and is not easy to wrinkle.

3. Turn the shirt over and lay it flat again. Both sleeves should be flat and the corners should be noticed.

4. Fold the sleeves on either side inward. Pay attention to fold them inward according to the line on the shoulder. Don't fold more or less.

5. Then fold it out, align the sleeve with the edge of the shirt, and fold the sleeve on the other side.

6. Fold the shirt piece by piece from bottom to top. The shirt pieces should be folded squarely. Then turn the shirt around and tidy the neckline so that the shirt is folded.

Method 2

1. First, place the shirt on the horizontal table and level the wrinkled area.

2. Button up the shirt with the back facing up and spread the sleeves on both sides.

3. Fold the left sleeve symmetrically to the right so that the shirt is only half.

4. Then fold the two sleeves of the shirt obliquely to the right (pay attention to keep the sleeves within the scope of the shirt) to further reduce the width of the shirt.

5. Finally, roll up the shirt from the hem.