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Have you cleaned your bed in this way?

Cleaning bed sheets is a major event. If bed products are not clean, they are easy to get moldy for a long time, and they are also easy to get sick.

While changing and washing the bedspread and sheets, you might as well clean up the residual dandruff and hair on the mattress with a vacuum cleaner or a slightly wet rag. If there are stains, you can use soap to smear the dirty part, and then suck it up with a dry cloth, or blow the wet stains dry with a hair dryer, so as not to get moldy and produce peculiar smell.

Bed sheet stain cleaning collection

When cleaning the sheets, many people will encounter all kinds of stains on the sheets, such as those caused by blood, fruit juice and rust. It is difficult to clean them, especially if they are stained with these stains for a long time, it is more difficult to remove them. What can we do to eliminate these stains? In fact, when cleaning blood stains, you can't wash them with hot water, you can only wash them with cold water. Blood contains protein components such as plasma, which can be dissolved in water, but after heating changes, it becomes insoluble in water, just as we usually eat chicken blood, pig blood, or eggs. After heating, it becomes a block that cannot be dissolved in water, so it is not easy to wash. Similarly, blood stains exposed to the air for a long time will have similar chemical changes, which is the reason why old blood stains are not easy to wash away.

There are many ways to clean blood stains. The most direct way to wash blood stains is to soak it in cold water and then wash it with enzyme detergent. The effect is very good. You can also wash with soap or 10% potassium iodide solution, or mix salt with white radish juice or mashed carrots to remove blood stains on clothes; Use 10% tartaric acid solution to wipe the contaminated area, and then wash it with cold water. Old blood stains can be washed with oxalic acid or lemon juice and salt water. The old blood turns dark brown because the iron in hemoglobin is oxidized in the air to form rust. Fruit juice also contains iron. When it is stained on clothes and comes into contact with oxygen in the air, it will also produce brown iron rust spots. Therefore, the stains caused by blood, fruit juice and rust can be washed away with oxalic acid, which turns the rust into a colorless substance and dissolves it into water.

The blood stains on the white clothes can be diluted and dissolved after mixing 1 part of sodium thiosulfate and 50 parts of water, heated to 35 ℃, soaked in the white clothes until the blood color disappears, and then washed with water. The fabric can also be immersed in a 3% vinegar solution, placed for 12 hours, and then rinsed with water. The effect is also very good. Whether it is new or old, it can be rubbed and cleaned with sulfur soap.

New sheets will cause cancer if they are not cleaned

The newly bought sheets generally have a peculiar smell, which is the smell of formaldehyde. In the process of producing bed sheets, the addition of formaldehyde is used to prevent the disadvantage that the fabric is easy to wrinkle. Therefore, the newly bought bed sheets should be soaked in salt water before use, washed and reused. Because the carcinogen formaldehyde during anti wrinkle treatment may remain on the new bedspread. In high pressure and high temperature environment, the combination of formaldehyde molecules and cotton fiber molecules can produce anti wrinkle effect. However, if the treatment process is not rigorous enough, or the cleaning after treatment is not clean, it will cause the formaldehyde monomer to be released from the fabric, and even the fabric itself has formaldehyde. According to research, formaldehyde can not only cause cough, allergic rhinitis and other diseases, but also cause cancer. Salt can disinfect, sterilize and prevent cotton cloth from fading, so it's best to soak it in salt water before using new sheets. For the sake of good health, don't be afraid of trouble. We should focus on prevention.

Health tips:

If possible, you can add a layer of cleaning pad between the mattress and the sheet. A special cotton layer is built in the cleaning pad to prevent moisture from entering the mattress, so as to keep the mattress clean and dry. It has the functions of keeping warm and absorbing sweat, and is easy to clean. In addition, you can also buy a mattress with an outer cover, which has a pull lock and can be removed for cleaning.